Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We received the best Christmas gift, ever!!!! Dad got to come home for a few hours Christmas morning. The nursing home staff brought him in their van and they overshot the house, and he told them they had passed his house, to turn around! Lol We had a wonderful visit and he enjoyed his time here!! Here are a few pictures.... Caroline has more on her camera.

He opened his gifts and asked for coffee several times. Broke our hearts we couldn't give him any. He kept saying this looked just like his house! =) He kept his eyes on Gracie the majority of the time.

She pushed her baby around for Pop to see!
She warmed up and showed him some of her dancing skills. I'm not sure where this child has gotten her moves, but she gets down! Lol
As he was leaving, he told us he wanted to do this again. We agreed and told him this was the first of many trips home. Hopefully we will have him home for good soon.
I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas card

There are so many of you I'd love to send a Christmas card to and I figured this might be the easiest way!!!!! The Rhodes and Morgan families wish you all warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year. We are thankful for each and everyone of you and all of your prayers. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tues 12/21

This has been a rough, emotional past few days for us. Like I've said before, we go though periods like this. Mom said the other day.... It's sad and overwhelming right now. There are sooo many people that love and care for my Dad and knowing this really helps us get through these tough times. We just take it day by day.... Well really hour by hour.
Dad still has good alert periods and not so alert periods during the day. He does best in the mornings. Caroline has been spending a lot of time with him these past few days and they have had some good convos. She brought a Delta magazine to read to him and she started and he told her he had already read that one! Lol!!!! She was reading him a story and mispronounced a word and he quickly corrected her!! He is doing well with his therapies and continues to work for them. He is enjoying all his visitors and the sweet cards! I really can't say how much it means to us how many of y'all have stayed loyal to my Daddy. Mom, Caroline and I went to dinner tonight and stopped to tell Dad goodnight on the way home. He was very confused and said he wanted to go home. Mom is still up there with him now. So hard for all of us....... :/

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday 12/16

I've wrote a post last night and fell asleep while writing it. I went to open it up this morning to finish it and it was gone! UGH! Sooooo.... Let's try this again.
Dad is doing good. We are glad to have him so close... It's definitely made things easier for us these past few weeks. We are able to come and go throughout the day, which has been nice. Dad has enjoyed seeing some familiar faces as well. Thanks to all of you that have stopped by to see him. Since we are in and out so much during the day, we put a lil book out for visitors to sign. We like asking Dad about his visitors during the day.
Dad is finally off isolation and he is enjoying being able to wheel himself around!!!! Caroline went to see him the other day and panicked when he wasn't in his room or in therapy. She started walking towards the nurses station and there he was! He had heard some music and wheeled himself down the hall to see what was going on!! =) He is taking baby steps as far as progress/improvement goes, but we have to remind ourselves to be patient.... And baby steps is better than nothing.
These past few weeks have been soo crazy and hectic for us. I'm sorry I don't update as much as I used to. There just isn't enough time in the day these days it seems like!!!! I am going to try to make at least one post a week.... I want to keep those of you interested in Dad's improvement informed of the latest!
I can't believe Christmas is a week away! Definitely hard to get into it this year. I was looking through pictures the other night and it's hard to believe how much has changed since last Christmas. Never would have imagined.........

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! Remember to tell your loved ones just how much you love them..... You never know what tomorrow will bring.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Headed to Heber!!!!!

Well......Dad is back in Heber Springs!!!!!!! Mom, Dad and I left Baptist hospital around 11:30 his morning. A few tears were shed as we loaded the car and told the nurses bye. Dad has had so many wonderful nurses throughout these past 8 months. We've told them all as we've left, that we will be back and let Dad walk in to see everyone. I can't wait till that day comes.

Anyways.... I brought a James Taylor DVD and Mom rode in the back with Dad. He just kept looking out the window at first, with a big smile on his face! When we came upon the Arkansas River bridge, I asked him where we were.... He said, "Arkansas River." =) By Conway he was singing along to some JT songs! Definitely brought some tears to my eyes. He was truly so happy the entire ride. Around Greenbrier he told us he'd been through some rough times. We told him yes he had, but he had been a fighter and pulled through everything and we were soo proud of him. Mom fell asleep on the ride home ( so typical of mom.... Always falling asleep in the car and we always get a laugh out of it!). Dad and I were cracking up when she dozed off.... I even snapped a picture, but she would probably kick me out of the house if I posted it! =) When we got to Heber we drove by the house and he was soo happy to see it (and the ole miss flag out front!) and then we drove by his office. All the girls came out to see him... He was soo happy to see them and kept telling us he wanted to get out of the car! He was ready to go to work! Lol
We got him settled in his room at Seven Springs and of course he was exhausted!!!!! Mom is with him now and she said he's been asleep for awhile.... I'm figuring he is out for the night!!!! =)
Dad is in room 503. We are ok with him having visitors, we just ask that visits be kept short and sweet. He tires very easily and we don't want to overstimulate him right now. I know he will enjoy seeing familiar faces. Just some FYI.... He isn't talking as much as he had been, so it's kinda hard to understand and hear him at times. He is more alert in the morning opposed to the afternoon/evening. His short term memory isn't great right now, but he remembers things pre April 22nd. He isn't standing or walking yet, but is able to sit on his own now.
We thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!!!!!

Jack Rhodes Room 503
Seven Springs Health and Rehabilitation
1040 Weddingford rd
Heber Springs, Ar 72543

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday 12/6

I abandoned the blog again.... So sorry!!!!! Gracie and I headed to Memphis last Wednesday to spend a long weekend with her Daddy. While we were there, I managed to get sick... Boooo!
We did enjoy some family time, though. We got back Sunday and now Gracie is sick. We are heading to the Dr this afternoon. Hopefully he will give her some good meds.... We were up and down all night.... Screaming, coughing and sneezing.... Not too much fun for either one of us! =(
Mom and I are bringing Dad back to Heber tomorrow. I'm anxious to see how he responds to seeing the outdoors and being in the car. It's been 8 months since he's been out of a hospital. We are hopeful he will enjoy driving by familiar places. Since I've been sick and G is now sick, I haven't seen him since last Tuesday, so I'm anxious to see him.
Friday night Mom was on the phone with one of Dads High School friends, Pete. Mom set the phone down and Dad picked it up and said, "Hi, Pete! I had a stroke...they tell me to keep working hard, keep on working hard." Mom was soo shocked, cause she didn't coach him on what to say, he did it on his own. The therapists must be telling him this and I'm glad it stuck with him!!!! One thing we are thankful for, is he is happy. He never gets frustrated when he can't do something and we've never seen him depressed. He is leaving all those feelings up to us! =)
Once we get Dad all moved in, I'll get his mailing address out to those of you that would like it.
I will update again once we have Dad settled in his new room! =)

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday 11/29

Dad will be at Baptist one more week. Next week he will return to Heber. It is very bittersweet for us. We are glad he will be closer to home, but sad we are leaving Baptist. I wish that he was able to return home, but he's just not strong enough for that yet. He will be going to Seven Springs Nursing Home. We were very impressed by their Rehab department and are very hopeful he will continue to improve. This has been a long, emotional 8 months. We've been strong for so long, I think the emotions are starting to catch up with us. These past couple of weeks have been hard on us. Thanks to all of our wonderful, sweet friends for all of your sweet texts, msgs, cards, etc and checking in on us....we are very lucky to have all of you!
I can't end without wishing my wonderful parents a Happy 42nd Wedding Anniversary!!!!!!! Our sweet friends, The Duckworth's, brought us an "anniversary" dinner last night.... Complete with desert! Lol!! It was definitely a needed treat for us!
Dad had his morning therapy this am and is resting in his room until afternoon therapy. He is pretty tired today. Hopefully a lil cat nap will do him some good!
Found this picture a few weeks ago....... =)

Sure do miss my Daddy.
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday 11/27

Not much to report. There is still a chance Dad will get to stay at Baptist Rehab. We will find out Tuesday. We are hopeful he will be able to stay a couple more weeks in LR. If not, he will be coming back to Heber and going to Seven Springs. We were very impressed with their therapy department.
I will be with Dad on Tuesday for report card day. Will report more then.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not the report card Tuesday I was hoping for..... Dad is being discharged next Wednesday. Mom, Caroline and I have to figure out the next step. This is very hard for us.....please keep us in your thoughts.

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Tuesday 11/22

I wrote a long entry, went to post it and it disappeared.... booooo!  Sooo... this is going to be short and sweet!! =)
Gracie made this video for her Pop last week.  I think he watched it about a dozen times on Thursday, then several times again on Friday!!  One of his Therapist watched it and then later that afternoon another one came over and said she wanted to see the video everyone was talking about! lol!!  I'll have to admit.... it is pretty cute!!! 

Caroline and I are on our way to LR to see Dad this morning in this icky weather.  Rain, rain go AWAY! 
It's report card day.. I'm anxious to hear how everything is going.  Hope everyone has a great day!!!! =)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Special visit.....

Dad had a visit from the Longshot Investment group on Saturday. These guys and their wives have been the best of friends since their Hendrix days. Honestly, I feel like Dad has 5 other brothers..... Each and every one of these guys and their families have been wonderful to all of us throughout Dads illness. I am soooooo sad I only have one picture to share. We all met at Copelands to eat Saturday for lunch ( yummmmmo), then headed to the hospital to see Dad. They hadn't gotten him out of bed when we first got there, but of course after I took this pic, they got him up in his wheelchair and we all hung out in the "dining room" on his floor. The first thing Dad said was, "The trees are soo pretty!" He was soooooo happy to see everyone. I can't express how much this meant to Mom, Caroline and myself for all of you guys to schedule this get together.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guess who?!?

Anybody know whose legs these are?!?!

I have to say I died when I found this picture today... In Dads desk of ALL places!!!!! Lol

Nice bow tie, huh?!?

I sent these pics to Mom and she showed them to Dad.... His response was.... Hard to believe!!!! Lol
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tues 11/15

Dad got another good report card!!! He gets to stay another week for sure! Yayyyy!!!!! Aunt Tricia was with him today. She said they put him on a bicycle type machine today and he did really well! Here is the pic she sent.....

She asked him if he was ready to go back to Heber... Of course he said YES!!!!!
Mom and I watched the special on Gabby Giffords last night. It sure did touch close to home. We are hopeful Dad will have the same progress she has had.
I will check in later this week/weekend!!!!!
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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dad has been doing really well in his therapies. He got another good report on his weekly report card. We are hopeful he will continue and be able to stay where he is for awhile. We were told 2-3 wks, Which would be the week of Thanksgiving, but we are working on him being able to stay.
Mom was with him on Thursday and Friday this week. She called me while they were waiting on his therapy to start and she said hold on a sec..... Then I heard Dad say, "I love you, Anna Kathryn!!" Mom said he did the same to Caroline and he had her in tears!!!!!! I'm glad we are steps closer to having our daddy back. It has just been way too too long.
Gracie wanted to share a picture with all of our blogger friends!!!!

If you follow me on Facebook, I'm sure you've already heard our exciting (shocking) news!! Our family will be growing come June. Dad has known this for awhile and I keep reminding him he has to be in the hospital with ME in June, so he better be working his booty off!!! When I first told him he gave me a thumbs up..... Then he clapped..... Then when I started telling him to get to work and work hard hard hard, so he can be with me when i have the newest grandchild, he rolled his eyes at me!!! =)
Also, I would like to ask a favor.... I can't go into specifics, but one of my very dear high school's family members is having surgery on Wednesday. Could you please say a prayer for their family?? I know how scared they all are.... I remember how scared I was when Dad had each of his procedures. I would appreciate it, and so would they, so very much!
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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday 11/5

Happy Saturday!!!! Goooo Hogs!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday 11/2

*5:25 pm
They are removing the trach RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom called me a bit ago and put the phone up to Dad and he said Happy Birthday several times. I told him I loved him so much and he said I love you honey! Awesome, Awesome day!

Dad has done AWESOME today.... best Birthday present ever.... Well besides my IPAD Mom surprised me with last night!!!! Mom got to watch him
In all his therapies today and said they are probably going to remove the trach tomorrow.....what what?!?!
Caroline is coming in this weekend and I'm glad she will get to see how well he is doing. We are going to try to take Gracie up to the unit on Saturday. She can't go in his room, but we figured we'd wheel him out into the lobby area. I can't wait to see his face when he sees her! They are both going to love it! Gracie will take my phone and swipe through all the pictures and show everyone all the pictures of Pop. =) I can't believe it's been 6 months since she's seen him.
Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday 11/1

Dad received his first "Report Card" today. I'm sooo excited to be able to share that he has done very well and progressed during his first week in Rehab. Therefore, he will be able to stay for 2-3 more weeks!!! This is awesome!!!!!!! The case worker told Mom this is a really big thing and doesn't happen very often. He is standing for 15 minutes at a time with the help of a machine ( pics were in previous post). They are bringing in an ENT to work on the swallowing and removal of the trach. Hopefully that will be the next step!!!!! Aunt Tricia is with him today and just texted that she is watching therapy from afar. Mom will be there tomorrow and they told her she could watch during this therapies as well. They normally ask that Friends and Family not be present during the therapy times, so I'm glad Mom will get to see his progress. The case worker came in yesterday and
also asked that we limit visiting times to just "drop in visits". Right now Dad really needs to rest between his therapies. He has a break daily.... The times vary from 10-1:30. During those times they say Dad needs to rest. Please don't let this keep any of you from stopping by. I know Dad enjoys seeing all of his friends and family, but they just suggest short visits with little stimulation, so he is still able to rest.
Im sooo glad I was able to share a happy post today!!!!! God is good!!!!!!!

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Here is Dads "Trick or Treat" face!!!!!

Dad had a great day!! Here are more pics.....

And here is Minnie Mouse! She racked up tonight!!! We didn't get many pics though......

She wore her cute glasses for 2.5 seconds!

Not complete without stickers.....

Posing with Uncle B's cool pumpkin!

Here we go!!!!!

Trick or Treating at the Irwin's!!!!!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday 10/29

Dad has been doing pretty good with Rehab. They are working him more during the day and he is handling it well. Mom said they gave him a "buzz cut" today. She sent a picture and I think he looks soo good. He is wearing normal clothes now...ano more hospital gowns! He is on a cuff less trach.... This is one step closer to having it removed!!!!! We are starting to take some bigs steps forward and we are all soo excited!!!!! I will be with Dad on Monday and will update more after seeing him!

Ladies and Gentlemen.... The new "buzz cut!"
And I can't close without adding a picture of my lil sweetie.

She picked out her pumpkin at the "unkin patch"...... Love this girl to pieces!!!!!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

Are you ready??!!!!!! No, I'm not starting the Hotty Toddy chant!!!!
Jack Rhodes is moving to Rehab today!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooohoooooo. Hell yes, damn right!!!!! Lol =)
Those of you that know my Daddy know how much he loves Ole Miss.... Had to add a little humor in there!!
I'm on my way to Memphis, but I will update more later!!!!!!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday 10/25

Dad had a really good day. Worked really hard in his therapies. We found out he will probably get to go to rehab. He will for sure get to stay for 7-10 days, but if he really progresses, he could stay for up to 3 weeks. Then we have to figure out where he will go next. Once he is much stronger, he will be able to go back to rehab for more intense therapy.
I was so proud of how well he worked today. Here are a few pictures.

He sat in his wheelchair for about 3 hours this morning.

They brought the contraption in again. This helps stand him up. It puts lots of pressure on his body and he was standing straight up several times! =)
The therapist kept asking him of he needed to sit down and he'd shake his head no!!

However, we've learned that as soon as we have good, the bad has got to follow. Mon was there tonight and his pulse ox was low. Respiratory told her not to be surprised if he's back on oxygen tomorrow. Hopefully not, though............
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Monday, October 24, 2011

It's way past my bedtime and I'm exhausted so I'm gonna make this short and sweet. I spent the day with dad on Friday and then again today. Mom was with him Sat and Sunday. We found out that the rehab dr has NOT come to evaluate dad yet. Not sure what the call from the social worker was all about?!? Anyway.... Dads Dr said he spoke to the rehab Dr and he asked him to atleast give dad a chance. He should be by Tuesday or Wednesday to evaluate him and make his decision. Please pray that dad is alert and having a good day when the Dr sees him. I will be with him half of the day tomorrow and I'm hoping he will come while I'm there.
Dad did really well in physical therapy. His therapist is so sweet and you can tell she really cares for dad. They used a machine to get him to stand up. I think he was in pain, but he did it..... Twice!!!!!!!! =) We went for a stroll in his "wheels" around the hallway and then we both dozed off for an afternoon nap!
Will update more, later!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday 10/21

I'm with Dad today. He's been sleeping, but just woke up. The nurse said he was pretty alert this am, but he's just semi alert right now. Mom got a call from the social worker yesterday. We dread those calls cause we always know it means bad news. Dads DR requested he be evaluated for rehab. Well evidently he was and the Rehab Dr said he didn't qualify. Sooooo..... We have to figure out what we are going to do. The social worker said nothing would be done today, or hopefully next week, but she wanted us to be prepared and have a plan. Ugh.... Many tears have been shed. Really our only option is nursing home. Mom and I are prying our brains trying to figure out other options. We just aren't equipped to care for him at home. I have been praying over and over for a miraculous improvement over the next week and he may be able to stay. I pray 563579434733 times a day for a miracle. He's following all commands and doing the therapies, he's just weak.
Here are some pictures that I found on Dads computer at work yesterday. Talk about bringing on the sniffles.... I miss him so much. I told him this morning he better start working harder than ever with his therapies cause we all miss him soo much and want him home! I told him this very sternly and that this was a command. He may have given me a dirty look and said some choice words for my harshness, but dangit..... It's been tooo long and keeps getting harder every day.

Dad with his high school buddies at a reunion. For some reason this pic cracks me up! Those Top Gun shades are soo my daddy!

Dad with his high school buddies. Mrs Carol and her late husband Mr Alvin. I have many memories of hanging at their house and swimming off the dock. Fun times!

I lost it when i saw this one Look at his smile in this picture.....

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday 10/18

I'm sorry I haven't updated sooner. I ended up not going to LR today..... My aunt called last night and said she would go check in on Dad. He did well with PT, but wasn't very alert today. Mom got there around 8:30 tonight and he was sleeping. Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow, since Mom will be with him.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday 10/17

I'm really missing my Dad today. I worked at the office today and it seemed like every time I turned around I could hear Dads voice. This really sucks..... There is no other word to explain how I feel. It has been 25 weeks since I've been able to talk to my Dad. I can honestly say I don't think I've ever gone longer than a week without talking to him. I will be with him tomorrow and I can't wait.... I haven't seen him since Thursday. I can't wait to tell him all about Gracie's birthday party! I hate he missed it. I hate that all of this has happened to MY family. I am angry. I know it's very normal to have these feelings. I am usually the "strong" one in the family, but at times I start to break. This is one of those times. I know I'll feel better tomorrow after I see my Daddy (and because of the fact that Monday will be over!) If you could, just say a little prayer for me and my family for strength on these rough days. I know we will make it through this, even though it doesn't seem possible at times.
Since I've had to stop writing this post 3 times to go dry my eyes, I'll close now. I'm hopeful I'll be posting a "happy" post tomorrow! =)

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday 10/14

Mom is with Dad today. She said last night she told him she loved him and he never responded. She told him he was hurting her feelings cause he wasn't saying I love you back. He looked at her and said, "I love you back!" lol lol
They were on their way to therapy when I talked to her earlier.... Will update more later. As you see the posts aren't as frequent. There just isn't much to post right now, so please know that no news is good news. I will try to get in an update once a week, at least!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Gracie!!!!!!!! I don't know how 2 years has passed!!!!! It makes me so sad!!! My baby isn't a baby anymore.... She's a little girl!!!!!
I'm getting things ready for her party tomorrow. I hate it soo much that Dad won't be here. If you know my Dad, then you know how MUCH he loves his Gracie Kate! I think everyone that has come in his office over the past two years had to look at Gracie pictures on his computer and watch videos I'd sent him! He is crazy about this girl!!! (but can you blame him?!?!)
I sang Happy Birthday to Gracie this morning when she woke up. She told me, "No Mommy" and shook her hands! Lol. Here are some pictures from our morning. I'll share more after the party tomorrow!!!!

What Birthday morning is complete without donuts and chocolate milk?!?

It's my birthdayyyy!!!!

Mom, I'm trying to watch Barney here!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wed 10/12

There hasn't been much to update everyone on lately. Dad is about the same. I'm sitting beside him now and he's watching ESPN. Two of his high school buddies came by just a bit ago. I know he enjoyed seeing them.... He even put on his Razorback hat!! =)

These past few days have been pretty stressful for me. I can't tell you how much each and every one of your texts, comments, Facebook posts, phone calls, etc means to me. I can't believe we've been doing this for almost 6 months now. It still seems like a dream.....

Yesterday was my hubby's 30th birthday and Friday Gracie will be 2! Where does the time go?!???!!!!
Happy Birthday to my two loves!!!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday 10/9

Dad had a fever of 100 degrees (under the arm) last night. Mom and I could tell he didn't feel good by the faces he was making. They called the DR and did some blood cultures and a chest X-ray. I just got here this morning and they don't have any results yet. His temp is down to 97. We are watching Turner Classic Movie channel..... Too much excitement for me this morning! =)

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Checking in

Just wanted to check in. Not much to report. Dad is doing about the same. No news is good news! Mom is going to go watch the game with him today. (I don't know why I'm up this early on a Saturday!)

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday 10/4

Happy Tuesday! Dad is sitting in a chair beside me this morning.
Here are a few pictures......

Gooooo Hogsssss!

Do you copy me?!? 10-4. Over and out!!!

Dad rolled his eyes at me when I told him what I put for the last caption! Lol

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday, Oct 3rd

Happy Monday. It's a "blah" day around here!!!! Dad says he feels "so-so" and I'll have to agree the same! Guess we are having a case of the Mondays. PT came in a bit ago and he sat on the side of the bed and did a few exercises. We are watching ESPN right now.... Well Dad is atleast!
Caroline came in for the weekend. She and Dad sang some songs together Friday night. (of course it included ole miss fight song and some James Taylor!) Mom watched the Arkansas game with him on Saturday. She said he raises his fist when they did something good. She told him this was the quietest he's ever been during a Razorback game! Lol. She told him she loved him, then asked if he loved her. He said yes. Then she asked him how much? He said, "More than anything!". Made moms day. She really needed to hear that! =)
Caroline, Mom and I celebrated Moms belated bday Saturday afternoon with Mani/Pedis and salad and Pizza! We enjoyed our girl time together!
I'm with Dad all day today and tomorrow, so I know he's going to have good days since his favorite daughter is here!!!!! (sorry Heff!!!! Lol)

This is just a portion of the cards Dad has received. I think this is just what he's gotten in the past couple weeks!!!!! I figured we should decorate the room with them! =)
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Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday 9/30

Dad has had a good day. I got here around 9:45 this morning and he was awake. His eyes look much much better and I can tell they feel better. His eye drops have definitely helped! We aren't sure what went on with him on Wednesday. Dr Mogbo said we would know if he had a brain bleed, because he wouldn't be alert and would deteriorate fast. He scared the crap outta all of us, but we are so thankful he is ok. We watched some tv this morning and two of his college buddies stopped by. They were able to see him during physical therapy. He sat on the bed and was able to balance himself and sit alone for several minutes. They did some other exercises with him and he did a good job. I haven't seen OT or Speech today, but they did come yesterday. He is resting now. Caroline is on her way and will be here for the weekend. We are all excited about seeing her.
We brought one of Dads Arkansas hats up here a few weeks ago and he's been wearing it some. We put it on today to get ready for the game on Saturday!!!!!

GO HOGS!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Mom got a call at 3:15 from Mr Wes saying Dad was unresponsive and they were calling rapid response. His nurse got on the phone (she had dad this past wkend too) and told Mom that they had tried everything to arouse him and were unable to. His pupils were sluggish and the way his mouth and tongue were moving made her worry he was having a seizure. Rapid response got here and were able to get a little response from him and all his vitals were good. They called his DR, but he hasn't been in yet. Mom and I got here around 5 and since we've been here he has been wide awake. He was able to tell us how many fingers we are holding up and puckered to give us a kiss. He is red-eyed and complaining of pain in his eyes. We are waiting for some eye drops.
The nurse said he was playing possum to get Mom to come see him! =)
Thanks for all the prayers. We are hopeful that all is ok and so glad Mom and I were able to get here so quickly after getting the call. It definitely does our hearts good to be able to see him and see that he is doing better, and to know that he has so many prayer warriors! Thank you ALL!!

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Wednesday 9/28

Dad had a good day yesterday. Aunt Tricia said he did well with OT as well as PT! Yay!!!!! She sent me a text around 6 last night that said he had a good day and they were watching tv!!! =) Dads college buddy, Wes, will be with him today and tomorrow. Hopefully we will continue to have good reports. I will be with him Friday.
Also, I have give a "shout out" to my awesome hubby! He made a "spur of the moment" trip to Heber Saturday night and is leaving tomorrow. He has done so much around the house for us! I don't ever think I've seen the carport this clean! (sorry Dad!) He's fixing some things at Dads office today and then planning on doing some yard work around here. We have all definitely enjoyed his visit. We will be sad when tomorrow comes, but he will be back in a couple weeks for Gracie's 2nd Birthday bash!!!! =) It's hard on all 3 of us to be apart, but he's so understanding and knows I'm where I need to be right now. Now hurry up winter so he can be with us more!!!!!!! =)
Hope everyone has a great day. I'll update more once I get a report!

We went to the Red Apple for Moms bday Monday night. Gracie was such a good girl!!!!

Watching some TV with her build a bear (dog) Weenie!

I can't tell you how happy this makes me!!!!! Momma doesn't have to listen to Barney in the car anymore!!!

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