Friday, May 29, 2009

20 weeks

I am 20 weeks today. I can't believe we are at the halfway mark! It's still hard to believe I am pregnant sometimes!!! Our lil angel is the size of a cantaloupe and the length of a banana this week.

I have been feeling more movement here lately. Mainly when I lay down at night. Its just all soo amazing!! I happy to say I have been feeling great!!! I am sleeping pretty well, with the exception of Monday night. I don't know what the deal was. I could not go to sleep for the life of me. (probably didn't help that Josh and I laid around watching movies and being bums all day Monday!) Once I did, I kept waking up. I got up at 2 am for a potty run. Last time I looked at the clock it was 4 am. I dozed off sometime after that, but it seemed like I had only been asleep for 15 minutes when my alarm went off. I was soo tired on Tuesday and was in bed asleep by 8 Tuesday night!!!

I am soo looking forward to the weekend!! Even though this was a short week, it seemed to drag! I think we are going to try to hit up Redbirds game and hang out with some friends. I should start cleaning out the guest room getting it ready to become the nursery, but we'll just see if I get around to that!! :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our future is.......

Well, we had our Drs appointment yesterday! Mom and Caroline came in town to go with us. We have been looking forward to this day since the day we found out I was pregnant!! Luckily yesterday was a busy one at work, so the day flew by!! We get to the dr around 3 and by 3:10 they had called us back. Thank goodness, cause I was so anxious my heart was pounding and I was breaking out in a sweat!! We start the ultrasound and about 15 mins later, we finally got Lil M to uncross the legs and give us a shot! (I was starting to get nervous we weren't going to be able to find out!). Anyway, we are happy to say, that Lil M is a................... GIRL!!!! Our future is PINK!!! :)

Here are her feet crossed at the ankles! The picture is blurry, but those lil feet were just precious!! :)

There is no denying shes a girl!!!!!! :)
We are soo excited! I have to say I had convinced myself it was a boy by what everyone thought and the intelligender test. But when she said girl, I got soo excited thinking about all the cute lil (or excuse me BIG) bows I get to buy and how much fun we are going to have with her!!! :) She was being contrary during the ultrasound though. She was squatting and had her legs crossed at the ankles! We tried to get her to move around and she just wasn't having it. The ultrasound tech was moving the wand around across my stomach trying to get her to move and she didn't budge. She did decide she wanted to suck her thumb and we got a cute picture of that! Her nose and lips are just soo cute!! :) Gran-D says shes beautiful already!! :)

Here she is sucking on her thumb!! :)

Of course after the appointment we just had to go by some pink!! Josh had to go pick up a duck, so Mom, Caroline and I headed to do some shopping. Our luck we witness a hit and run accident and run after the guy that ran off and got his license plate #. We had to stand on the side of the road forever waiting on the police to get there to give a statement and of course by the time we were finished, Josh was calling and was ready to eat!! We did manage to make a few stops at some stores on the way home. Caroline bought a cute lil onesie for her that says, "I love my Auntie". Soo cute! This little girl doesn't stand a chance! She has soo many family and friends that are going to spoil her rotten!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

18 weeks

I was 18 weeks yesterday! Lil M is the size of a bell pepper this week, or a sweet potato if you prefer!

I look forward to checking my email every Friday and seeing what Lil M is up to! I just can't believe I am 18 weeks already!! Time is flying by!! Now if we can just get the next five months to fly by i'd be soo soo happy!! :) We have our next Dr's appt on Friday. I am sooo excited to find out if we are having Frogs & Snails & Puppydog Tails or Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice! Mom and Caroline are coming in town for the appointment. I have informed Josh he will want to bring his own vehicle, cause we are for sure going shopping and buying lots of pink or blue after we leave the Dr's office!!! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

New Car Magnet

I walk out to get in my truck Saturday morning to head to Oxford and this is what I found stuck on the back of my truck.....

My lovely husband says he found this somewhere and decided I needed it. I quickly pulled it off, as my dad was backing him up saying, "You do look like a Soccer Mom" Gee thanks guys!!!!! I have since hid this in a place Josh will NEVER find it!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I am soo blessed to have such a wonderful Mom!! Josh thinks i'm crazy, cause I seriously talk to my mom atleast 5 times a day! I call her every day on my way to work and then usually talk to her on my way home from work. Then we email and text back and forth alot during the day! We are a close family and I LOVE it!! :) I sure hope i'm as great of a mom as my momma is!!

I framed these pictures and gave it to Mom at my Bridesmaid's Luncheon

Here we are on my BIG day!! :)

I hope all you Mothers out there had a wonderful Mother's Day!!! This time next year I will have a sweet lil baby in my arms! Ohh I can't wait!!

Speaking of sweet lil baby...Lil M is the size of a Turnip this week.(17 weeks) I am not a fan of turnips! Ick!

I just can't believe how much its growing and CAN'T wait till the 22nd to be able to see our lil sweetie again AND to find out the gender! I am soo back and forth on it!! Somedays I think boy, others I think girl! One of my Mothers day gifts to Mom was a cute lil onesie that said I Love Grandma on the front... on the back on the butt, it said love ME! How cute is that!?!? I forgot to get a picture, so you'll just have to wait and see lil M in it!!

I hope everyone has a great week ahead! I am so hoping for some sunshine and for the rain to GO AWAY!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New blog

I finally put some posts up on my recipe blog! Stop by and check it out and share some of your favorite recipes as well! I can't wait to hear what some of you enjoy whipping up in the kitchen!!

Also, one of my bestfriends from High School, Phillip, left a week ago today for Afghanistan. Phillip and his wife, Jelena, have an adorable 9 month old, Graham. I know this is a tough time for all of them. I am so anxious to hear from Phillip and how everything is going. Please keep this family in your prayers. Phillip and I became very good friends in High School. We both went to different colleges but stayed in touch. Our sophomore/junior year Phillip transfered to ASU. We both moved from Jonesboro after college and of course with distance, didn't have much contact. Phillip and I don't get to talk and hang out as much as i'd like these days, but I know that he would be there for me if I ever needed ANYTHING, as would I for him. I will always consider him to be one of my bestest friends. :)

Here is a picture of me and Phillip at Charlotte's wedding a few years ago. I am soo sad I can't find any of us from back in the day. My computer crashed a few years ago and I lost all my High School pics! :(