Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First entry.....

After reading other blogs, I decided I should start one as well! I mean what else do I have to do with my free time? (Don't ask Josh that question.... I'm sure he could think of lots of things I should be doing...especially things that don't involve the Internet!!).

We just bought our first house... FINALLY!!! We only made our first offer on this house back in May!!! I definitely never knew buying a house was soo stressful, especially one that a bank owns! But we are happy that everything finally worked out for us and we are homeowners!! So much has been going on these past few weeks we have only been out to look at it once since we closed.... well ok, correction.. I went to look, Josh went to bushog!! Josh is anxious to get his kennel built and get everything set up the way he wants it. I on the other hand am just ready for him to start painting so we can move in!! We are hoping to get started on that this weekend and be moved in by the end of October. So if anyone is around the Whiteville area Saturday and has absolutely nothing to do, we have extra paint brushes!! lol!! Here is a picture I took of the house awhile back! Not the greatest pic, but its the only one I had on my work computer!!

With all that has gone on these past two weeks, I have realized what a wonderful family and group of friends we have. I mean I always knew I had the greatest family ever and the best group of friends. Thanks for all the prayers, phone calls, emails, texts, hugs, cards and I could go on and on! It all means soo much to us and we are so thankful for all of you!! :)

Oh yea, If anyone has any advice they can lend me on how to make the cute headers with the pictures, let me know. I think I spent most of my day at home yesterday trying to figure that out!!!