Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Cards

I wanted to wait until all our Family and friends received their cards to post this year's Easter card. We had them made by a girl in Jonesboro. I think they turned out soo cute and I was way toooo excited to send them out!!!

Gotta love the big bow and that precious baby girl touching the bunny!!!!

Easter 2010

We are preparing for Easter around our house! We are going to our DeDe and Pop's for Easter. We are leavingFriday morning with Auntsy and Daddy will come join us on Saturday. My Mom and I are throwing a baby shower for my best friend, Sarah, Saturday morning. I am SOOOOOOOOO excited that Sarah and Joey are going to be welcoming a sweet baby girl in June! I can't wait for the days when Gracie and Hannah can hang out and play!!! =)

This is a busy short week for us! Luckily my sweet hubby is watching G tonight so I can do a little shopping and get a well needed pedicure. It has been tooo long and now that its warming up, i've got to show some toes!! =)

Here are some pictures of my little bunny. This sweet little girl just goes with the flow and lets me do whatever I want! hahah! I LOVE IT!!!! Wonder how long its going to last!!!

"No bunny's cuter"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ok...I posted this question on my facebook, but figured i'd post it on here and see if I could get some responses!

We've been feeding our lil diva in her bumbo on the coffee table. Its just not cutting it anymore! Sooooo.... its time to purchase a High Chair! Anyone have suggestions on which ones to buy or not buy? I am wanting something that can be easily hidden. Our kitchen is open to our living room, so when we have company, I want to be able to hide it away! Let me hear your suggestions, Moms!!! =)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend fun

I took off work early Friday afternoon and Gracie and I spent the afternoon together. The weather was beautiful! We did some shopping and strolling. It was just too pretty not to be outside. Of course she picked up a few new outfits too!!!

Saturday we headed to the hospital to visit my friend and her new baby girl, Addie. Addie was born Friday afternoon and is just precious!!! It made me realized how fast my baby girl is growing and made me alittle sad when I held her! She was soo light compared to Gracie!!! After the hospital, we headed to see the Easter Bunny. I don't have the picture scanned on yet, but of course she didn't smile! She was grinning from ear to ear and once I sat her in Mr. Easter Bunny's lap, the smile went away! She didn't cry....she was just looking at me like she was wondering what in the world was going on and why this strange creature was holding her! ha! Ohhh well... memories!!! =)

Sunday we headed to the forum to watch the Lipizzaner horses. Gracie really enjoyed watching and was quiet as a mouse during the first half. The 2nd half was a different story, but I was so proud of her. Up until intermission, I don't know if anyone in the suite knew there was a baby in there!!! =) I thought it was kinda boring myself, so Gracie and I walked around and hung out during the 2nd half. This is just such a fun age!!!!

Here are some pictures from our weekend!!!

I couldn't get rid of the paci for this pic!!! ohh well... once again... Memories! lol

My big girl is starting to learn to sit up by herself!

Gotta love self portraits! Love her lil smile in this one!

Gracie and Taylor's photoshoot with Michael

Here are just a few of the pictures from our photoshoot a few weekends ago in Heber. We had soo much fun and the pictures all turned out GREAT! There are sooo many good ones!! It's going to be hard to choose which ones I want. Maybe i'll do like Jasmin said and just decorate my house with all easter pics! haha!

She found her toes....

Miss Gracie found her toes Saturday morning! I was trying to feed her cereal and bananas, but she was just too interested in her feet to concentrate on eating!!!

I just want a taste.......

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shamrock and Roll!!!!

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!!
Love, Gracie


Monday, March 15, 2010

5 Months

5 months.... I can't even believe I'm typing that! These past 5 months have seriously gone by so fast!! Josh and I were looking at pictures of Gracie during her first week and talking about how much she has grown. He is ready for her get a little older and be able to do more and I am too, but it still makes me soo sad how much shes grown! I realized this weekend I don't write enough stuff down, so i'm going to start blogging alot more often.

Sooo...whats going on with Miss Gracie these days.....

You are still wearing a size two diaper. Momma found some size one diapers and you are still able to wear those, they just are a lil snug!! =)

We have mastered eating cereal and this weekend we moved on to bananas and green beans. You love them 'nanas..now green beans were a different story at first, but you're warming up to them!!!!

I don't feel any teethy coming in yet, but I know its gonna happen any day now!! The other day I was rubbing my finger along your gums and you started laughing hysterically. It was the cutest thing... EVER!!! So that's our nightly trick now! You laugh soo hard every time I do it!!!

We are working on sitting up by yourself, but you aren't quite there just yet.

Your sleeping pattern has been great... UNTIL stupid daylight savings time. I don't know what it is, but you have been getting up at 1 or 2 am every night. Daddy and I take turns getting up to get you and give you a bottle. Of course usually momma is the one that gets up with you! =) Daddy is always "not feeling very well" in the middle of the night. We may need to make him a Dr's appointment!! =) Anyway, I give you your bottle and you fall right to sleep. I put you back to bed and by the time i'm all nice and cozy back in my bed, you are awake and cooing and playing in your crib. I just let you do your thing hoping you will fall back asleep, but, no such luck! Within 15 mins we are back up rocking. Except this time, you just stare and stare at me! I close my eyes and try not to laugh, because it is the sweetest, cutest thing ever!!! Eventually, you fall back asleep and we are good to go until at least 7 (if mommy doesn't fall asleep with you in the recliner... not that it has ever happened or anything!!!) I am hoping this will end pretty soon! Your momma loves you so very much, but I also love my sleep!! =)

Our babysitter dropped Gracie off at work yesterday, so I got to show her off. I was soo proud at what a good baby she was! Of course so many people wanted to hold her and she just went with the flow and smiled and talked to them!!! =)

I know I say it on every monthly post, but I just can't say it enough how much of a blessing this baby girl is! I'm surprised her cheeks aren't raw from me kissing on them all the time!

Here is her 5 month picture! I can't believe we had to wear a jacket in these pictures! Its March! We need some warmer weather!!! =)

Heeeyyyyy there!!!!

What? We're going SHOPPING??!!!????

We went to Heber weekend before last to visit DeeDee and Pop. Gracie sure does love her DeeDee and Pop. Her Pop can make her smile more than anyone else... of course he just loves this!! Momma sure likes going to DeeDee and Pop's house too, because she gets to sleep in!!!
We are working on Daddy letting us move to Heber or at least closer to our DeeDee and Pop. He says its the "5 year plan" but we are trying to push him more towards 1!!! hahaha!!!
While we were in Heber, Jasmin and Taylor came up and we had the girls pictures made. Oh.my.gosh. are there some cuuuute pictures!!! I'm waiting on the cd and i'll post them! Ohh soo cute!!!

My lil diva

Gracie got some new shades this Saturday while we were out shopping. I bought her some a few weeks ago at Target, but they were too small. This lil girl has a pretty big head! So we found some that fit this weekend! She's just soo laid back and goes with the flow. Between all the big bows and these glasses, I guess its a good thing they don't phase her!!! =)

Her onesie says "Future Shopoholic"

Are we done yet????

Weekend fun

What a weekend!! This time change has thrown me off.....BIG TIME!!! Normally they don't affect me, but for some reason it has this year. Anyway.... we had a pretty good weekend...just missed the nice warm weather we had earlier in the week. Josh's fraternity had their annual "Hog Roast" in Jonesboro Saturday, so daddy went to hang out with his college buddies and momma and Gracie went shopping!!! I can already tell shes going to be a shopper! She was in the greatest moods and just talked and squealed all day!!! =) We got a few summer outfits, on sale. Gracie was verry excited about this!!!!

Of course we had a dress up day on Sunday. She has soo many cute spring/summer outfits. I am so ready for warmer! I just love her lil chubby legs!! Too cute!!!

I mean seriously....could she get any cuter!?!?! She smiles when she sees the camera!!

Enough with the pictures, please

I said enough, MOM!!!!
Seriously.... I just don't know what we did before this precious baby girl came into our lives!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Monday.....

I just love this picture of the two of us and thought it was too sweet not to share!!!

I thought i'd share one of her precious smiles with everyone... this picture sure is helping me get through my Monday morning!! =)


We finally started Gracie on cereal last week. We started out with just regular cereal....Of course she wasn't so sure about it and would just turn her head. We then tried out the cereal with mixed fruit and boy does she LOVE it!!! She and her and her daddy had a good 'ol time chowing down last night! She kept chasing the spoon with her mouth! It was too funny!!!!
I'm not so sure about this.......