Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hi there!!! I have decided I don't really care for the big bows in my hair right now. (Don't worry... my momma is telling me it's just a phase... I still wear bows when we go out, I just pull them off when my momma isn't looking or when we are driving in the car) Sooo... my momma bought these little bows she can just clip in my hair. I don't really care for them much either, but she puts them on and usually gives me a treat and I forget all about it for a little while!!! I grabbed the hand sanitizer out of my diaper bag right as my momma was taking the picture! She didn't have time to take it away from me!! I'm learning how to work her!!! =)

Here are some of the latest videos my momma took of me to send to family and friends! Have a great week... we will be back soon!!! =)



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Please Pray

Please PRAY for these two families. My heart just aches for both of them.