Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dress up!!!

Since we were stuck in the house from Thursday night until this morning (Monday), Gracie and I have had some fun playing dress up!!! =)
Bless her little heart.....she just goes along with it! Ha!!! I realized we have LOTS of clothes with tags still on them and she won't be able to fit in some of them much longer! So I got a few of the outfits out and we had a little photo session. It is getting harder to take a good picture these days, cause she is all about looking everywhere BUT the camera!! Haha!

I know you are going to say these are good pictures, but if you only knew how long it took me to get these good poses!!! =)

Monday, January 25, 2010

3 Months

I'm just a couple weeks behind on posting this...but hey.... better late than never, right?!!? Things have been soo busy for us here lately and when I have some free all I wanna do is spend it with my baby girl!!
Gracie was 3 months on Jan 14th. 3 Months! My ohhh my time is flying by!! We are having soo much fun with her! She start giggling this weekend and it is just the sweetest sound!

Here Gracie is 3 months (and 7 days ). Is she not the cutest, sweetest thing!!! =) Her daddy is not the biggest fan of these big flowers and bows, but we just ignore him, cause momma thinks they are pretty cute....and you don't seem to mind them too much either!!!

Gracie is now in a size 2 diaper! Geez.... I nearly cried when I put one on her the other day. It seems like just yesterday the size 1 diapers were too big!!! =( Last time we weighed she was 13 lbs and 4 oz.

You smile all the time, especially when you see your momma. Of course this just melts my heart!! You just smiled and giggled for me all weekend!!!

You eat 5-6 oz every 3 to 4 hours. You are not a happy camper if we make you go longer than this!!! You are just like your Mommy and Daddy and sure do like to eat!! =)

You're hands are always on the go! You hold your bottle while i'm feeding you, pull your paci out while you are in your swing, and just flap them around ALL the time. You wake yourself up alot cause of all the squirming your hands do!!

You have started sucking your thumb. Well you start with your thumb and within minutes your whole fist is in your mouth! We have to keep an eye on you, because you get so excited and push your fist in your mouth and gag yourself! (You are still smiling as you do all this!!!)

We just don't know what we ever did before you were born (besides sleep...but I wouldn't trade it for the world!! )

My happy baby!!! We love always seeing a smile on your face!! =)

Loving on your dolly. This picture is so sweet!

I must have just told you some shocking news right before I took these two pictures!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Splish Splash.......

We LOVE bath time at our house!! Gracie has loved her bath since day one! Thank goodness!!! =) I am hoping she enjoys the swimming pool this summer as well!!!

Look at that belly!!! =)

Our little Ducky.... is this not the cutest duck you've ever seen?!!?

I have to add that last night, Gracie slept ALL NIGHT!! Whooohoooo!!! She fell asleep around 8:30 and woke up around 6 this morning. You don't know how excited it made this momma!! I woke up in a frantic at 2 am and realized she hadn't cried. I about had a heart attack, until I saw her little hand move. I went back to sleep and woke up at 5 when my alarm went off! I was sooo excited and I rolled over to tell Josh.... he said uh huh and went back to sleep! lol! MEN!!! I wanted to start texting everyone as soon as I woke up, but realized they would be as excited about receiving a text at 5 am stating this. I waited till 6 and just texted Jasmin, since I knew she would be awake! hahaha! =)
Our next step......moving her into her room. I don't know why its so hard on me, but we are going to tackle that this week..... no more excuses!!! :)

Saturday morning fun.......

Gracie is such a happy baby when she wakes up in the mornings. I LOVE being able to cuddle and snug up with her on Saturday and Sunday mornings when she is in the best of moods! Josh got up and fed her Saturday morning, then laid her in bed beside me. I woke up to this little cutie!!!

Seriously..... what else would you rather wake up to????

Our little boxer....Put 'em up

You can't forget about Saturday morning cartoons! I used to love getting up and watching them and looks like Gracie is going to as well!!! =)