Friday, January 23, 2009

What a week!!!

What a week!! Even though I only had a 4 day work week, the days sure seemed to drag on this week! I am ready for the weekend. Last weekend I did lots of baking! I wanted to try out some new recipes I had found. I must say everything turned out yummmy! First I made some cake balls. These are super easy and everyone thats tried them out have LOVED them! Here is a picture of the cake balls before being dipped.

I used red velvet cake mix with cream cheese icing. Then I dipped them in almond bark... yummmmy!!

These were sooo good! I will definately be making them again! I like how you can make different varietys and flavors and they are just so cute!! I went to visit some of my Dads college friends at one of the hospitals here last Saturday and took them some. Mom said they called a few days later and said the cake balls were delicious and called me Betty Crocker! haha! I also made a yummy Ooey Gooey Cake, some toffee bars, sweet rolls, soup and a couple casseroles. Yes, I was on a roll. A friend of ours gave me a recipe about a year ago for a Shrimp Casserole. If you like shrimp you will LOVE this casserole. It is soo easy and super yummy!

Josh wasn't patient enough to wait for me to get a picture! So excuse the big spoonful thats missing. Luckily we haven't been home much this week, or all of our sweets would have been gone by now! Josh definately has a sweet tooth! (i'm in the process of making a recipe blog, but if you want any of the recipes, just let me know!)

This is the last weekend of Duck Season. However, Josh has somehow managed to find some boys to take next weekend for the juvenile hunt. He just can't get away from those woods! He has very recently (as of yesterday) become self employed. I guess this means even more hunting next year!! He has always wanted Dog Training to be his full time job. So as of now, he will be concentrating on Dog Training and Landscaping. Josh is such a hard worker, so I am confident he can do this and so happy he is finally getting to pursue his dream and of course I am loving the fact he will have more "free time" now!!

We saw our first snow Tuesday morning. It started snowing on us as we were driving to work. By the time I dropped Josh off and got to work, it had really picked up. Here is a picture from our front door at work.

Of course it was all gone by lunch, but it was sooo pretty while it lasted!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Whoa... watch out... two posts in one week!! Shocking, I know!!! I am sitting here freezing at work waiting on our receptionist to get back from lunch. Boy am I glad its Friday AND I have a 3 day weekend!! Of course duck season isn't over yet, so i'll be by my lonesome this weekend. I have decided I am going to do lots of baking. Watch out Betty Crocker! I have found lots of new recipes I want to try and I figure it would give me something to do over my long weekend!! I am going to start up a recipe blog, so be on the lookout for some recipe posts. I'm trying to talk some friends into doing it as well. I figure this would be fun, so we shall see!!!
I leave you with a picture of Max in his sweater! This was taken over Thanksgiving at my grandparents house!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm alive!!!!!!!

So I am officially verrry behind on blogging!! Nothing too exciting has been going on, plus our internet connection at the house is grandma slow! Hopefully we will be able to get DSL out there one of these days...the joys of living in the middle of nowhere!!
We had a great Christmas!! It seems like Christmas snuck up on us this year. We went to my parents on Christmas Eve and stayed the weekend. I realized I hadn't been home since 4th of July! That is too long!! The day after Christmas a bunch of my high school friends got together for lunch. Of course we all "ohhhed and ahhhed" over the babies!! It was soo much fun to be able to catch up with my girlfriends! Its so hard for us to all get together these days. I just can't believe it has been 9 years since we were in High School! Phillip, Jelena and Graham came over to my parents before we all met up for lunch! Of course Mom and Dad were glad to see Phillip again and meet Graham! He is adorable!!! I'm so mad cause I took my camera, but didn't end up taking any pictures! We were too busy talking!! :)
Well, Duck season is almost over... sad day! hahah! Josh has this weekend and next left to enjoy! I'll be ready to have my husband back on the weekends! I've been a "hunting widow" since November! I told him
our weekends in Febuary are already booking with friends coming to visit, so get ready! Its sad but I have had to schedule friends coming to visit around these dang ducks!!! I sure hope I don't ever go in labor during duck season cause I may be on my own! hehe