Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday 8/6

I can't believe it's been two weeks since Dads funeral. There has been so much going on, and we've been so busy. It's helped to keep us preoccupied, but we all have a good cry at least once a day. Sometimes it's more. I'm remembering Dad before he got sick. I thought it was kind of odd I wasn't thinking of him being sick, but then Mom and Caroline told me the same thing. I guess that's a good thing and that's how he would want us to remember him.
Gracie still talks about Pop and going to "Pop's house"..... Oh how I wish she would have been able to know him longer. One thing is for sure... She was all about her Pop and vice versa. Seriously, if you knew Dad, I'm sure you heard lots of stories about Gracie and probably even had the luxury of watching some of her videos if you went to visit him at his office! Lol
We went to the cemetery last weekend and we ordered his headstone. Talk about weird. Just didn't seem like we should have to be doing that. It doesn't seem fair and all this definitely doesn't make sense. I know one day it will. If you were at Dads funeral you've already heard this amazing song. The night Dad passed away our good friend (and my boss! :)) stopped by to see us. We had already asked her to sing at Dads service and she wanted us to hear a song she had heard. Mom, Caroline and myself sat around the laptop and watched the video on YouTube. We had goosebumps and cried like babies as we listened. This song was sooo fitting. I just kept picturing Dad following the words. We knew after hearing it had to be played at his service. I've listened to it over a dozen times and it still brings tears to my eyes. Here is a link to the video....

One of Dads friends, Mr Wes, sent us this picture today. We all had the best laugh!!!!!

Love Dads badminton and love Mr Wes's navy plaid shorts!!!! Haha!!!!
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