Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Hump Day!!!

Happy Wednesday!!! I hope everyone is having a great week! We are doing pretty good this week! =)

Aren't these little toes the sweetest!!! Everyone loves her lil pink toes and just can't believe she sat still long enough for me to paint them! Seriously, it took me less than a min for each foot.

Well...we had planned to go to Oxford for the day Saturday to see our Auntsy and DeDe and Pop, but the icky stormy weather kept us at home. Gracie and I were pretty bummed out we didn't get to see everyone!! =( Sunday morning we woke up and started getting ready for church. I got out of the shower and Josh said, lets just go spend the day in Oxford with your family! Ahhh, I was too excited! So we hurried and got ready and went to spend the day in Rebel land! Gracie was soo excited to see her DeDe and Pop and just squealed with delight all during lunch! I'm sure everyone in the restaurant enjoyed that!! ha!
I'm waiting on auntsy to send us some pictures from Sunday, but here is one of DeDe testing out Gracie's boon spoon. This thing is seriously the neatest thing ever! We got it as a baby shower gift and a blogger friend, Ashley (she is too sweet and not to mention soo talented!!), recommended it as well!! We have used it several times this week...soo nice to have when you are trying to feed on the go!!

Yummmm Yummmm... Love the bib too! My bestfriend Sarahs mom made it for G. Its reversible and just too cute!!!

Here she is modeling her bloomers from our Uncle Marty and Aunt Tricia. I just love these!!!!


It's been pretty chilly here the last couple of days. Its a good thing, cause we have lots of onesies with the tags still on them. Pink is definitely her color!!! =)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Yummy Pizza

We had pizza for dinner last night, and Miss Gracie Grace approved!!! I was anxious to see if she'd like it or not! Of course she did! I had to take it away from her at one point cause I didn't want her to choke on it. Boyyy did she throw a FIT! I tried to give her some of her green beans and she wasn't having it! I couldn't do anything but laugh! Already a drama queen!!!

yum yum... don't you even try to take this away from me!

I sent Josh a text with this picture and he wrote back asking if she was eating a chicken bone! Uhhh Niiiceee!!!

Pretty big blue eyes!! I mean who doesn't want to just hug and squeeze her!?! =)

How I met my husband.....

So this weeks "Show us your life" over at Kelly's Korner is how you met your husband. I normally don't post the "Show us your life" post, just enjoy reading everyone elses! lol! This week i thought i'd participate!
Josh and I met my sophomore year in college, and his freshman year. My roommate Jessica and I lived in a apartment at the Chateaus. Anyone who went to ASU, knows how cool the Chateau apartments used to be! Anyway, there were some guys that lived across the parking lot from us. We had never met them, but sure had our eyes on them! The Chateaus had a monthly newsletter the apartment manager, Ms Ruth would print up. For some reason, Ms Ruth always loved Jessica and I! (i mean who couldn't! lol) Anyway, the way you met people in the Chateau's was you would go to their door and ask to borrow some ketchup. Crazy I know, but each monthly newsletter talked about how so and so apartment was seen asking to borrow ketchup from so and so apartment. Ms. Ruth would always write about asking the girls in 23 C to borrow some ketchup. Well... one night, we worked up the nerve and decided we were going to ask the "hot guys in 210" to borrow some ketchup. We knock on the door, one of them answers and we ask to borrow ketchup. Well... evidently they didn't read the newsletters (or just wanted to be cute and funny) and opened their fridge and handed us their ketchup! HAHAHA! Anyway, after talking for awhile they came over to our apartment and hung out with us. There were about 6 of them that came over. I didn't notice Josh that night (he didn't live in the apartment, he was just visiting the guys that lived there). It was a couple weeks later when they came back to hang out, that he caught my eye.
We talked and hung out for awhile, then summer break came. He went back home for the summer (in Tennessee) while I stayed in Jonesboro. We talked some and he and his best friend Zach came to visit a few times. That fall, he and Zach got an apartment right across from us. Long story short, he played hard to get for awhile, then I played hard to get for awhile! Finally we both realized we truly cared about each other and started dating. The "official" date was Sept 2, 2001. We dated for about 5 1/2 years and FINALLY married on April 21, 2007. That was one of the best days of my life.
My laptop crashed awhile back, so I don't have many pictures scanned on from when we first started dating...but here are a few I have.

Thanksgiving 2003 at my Grandparents house. Josh's first hunting trip with my dad and grandpa!

4th of July 2004 at my parents house after a day on the lake!
Fall 2006.. one of our Engagement pictures

April 21, 2007... Our Wedding Day!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

6 Month Checkup

Gracie had her 6 month checkup yesterday afternoon. She was in the best mood!!! She just talked or as Dr. Bubba put it, she sang, the entire time!! We love Dr. Bubba! His office is definitely outta the way.... its in Germantown. It sure was hard leaving work, running back to Oakland to get G, (20 min drive) then heading back in town over to Germantown (about a 30 min drive). Everyone in the office is so friendly and helpful and we love Dr Bubba, so its worth it!!! =)
Gracie weighs 16.8 lbs and in the 50-75th percentile.... She was 26 in. long and in the 50-75th percentile....However, her head was 49 in. (I think... i was laughing too much and they didn't write it down)... but anyway, she is in the 95th percentile! He showed me the graph on each of these and shes right on track with her height and weight. We already knew she had a big head! The necks in her shirts are easily stretched cause its so hard to get some of them over her head! lol!! She had to get 2 shots and did great! It did break my heart to see her one little tear, but as soon as I picked her up, she was smiling and talking again!! =)
We enjoyed a trip to Target afterwards. She loves being able to sit up in the cart now! She is becoming such a big girl!!!

One of our babysitters, Courtney, sent me this yesterday morning! We laugh because Gracie LOVES to stare! She will win any staring contest. She fixes her eyes on something and doesn't blink! Its hilarious! I had told Courtney my mom said we needed to teach Gracie some manners cause she stares! lol Well, she sent me this text yesterday morning and said, "You're right..she does stare" ahhh I laughed soo hard!!! Look at those eyes!! lol

I dressed Gracie in her camo attire Tuesday morning. This dress is a 3 month and shes never worn it. I knew if we ever wanted to ,we better get on it! I thought it looked so cute with these little leggins! I think it shocked Josh cause he said, "You're going to let her leave the house in that!?!" hahahaha!!! I didn't tell him that it was getting too small... =) It sure made his day though! He called me several times at work, talking about how cute she looked! He dropped her off at the babysitters alittle later than usual. Monica texted me a picture (below) and told me when Josh dropped her off he told her.... "Sorry we're late...we've been hunting!" HA! What a dork!!! =)

Our other babysitter, Monica, sent me this picture on Tuesday. She LOVES being in her car seat! Monica says its the only place she will sleep at her house! They prop her up in front of the fish tank and she puts herself to sleep. Well Monica said she laid her in her car seat and covered her up. She found her like this a little while later!!! She sleeps on her side every night in her crib, but this doesn't look very comfy!!! lol She sure looks like she's in a deep sleep, though!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

3 years ago today.....

I was waking up and starting to get ready for my BIG DAY! These past 3 years have just flown by. I am so thankful god blessed me with a loving husband and the most precious baby girl. I mean isn't it great to have a husband that your family loves just as much as you!?! (He says they love him more, but I keep reminding him they love me more for bringing him into the family! haha) Of course with the busyness of our day to day activities, I don't thank Josh near enough for everything he does for Gracie and myself. He works so hard to provide for us and make sure we have everything we need. (and of course some of the things we want, but don't necessarily need! lol)

Many have asked me how we are spending our anniversary.... Josh is working out of town today and Gracie has her 6 month checkup. Don't get too jealous!!! =) I did tell Josh last year during our anniversary dinner date that this would probably be the last anniversary date we have just the two of us for awhile....but I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!!
We plan to do something this weekend....the 3 of us! =) It's hard to find a weekend babysitter, and our darn DeDe and Pop just live too far away!! =(

Here are a few pictures from our wedding I had on this computer!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday update

This weekend just went by toooo fast for me! I have already started the countdown to Friday. Sad huh!?!? I don't have much time, but wanted to share some pictures of my baby girl!

I found these cute Bermuda shorts at TarJay for 3 bucks!! Can't beat that!!! I tried to get her cute gladiator sandals on, but she just wasn't having it. She sure was cheesin it up though!
I finally got her lil toes painted!! They look so cute! (she does have 10 toes... she just likes to keep them curled up! lol) I laugh when I see her kick her pink lil toes up! She looks like such a little diva!! I was surprised it took me less than 1 minute per foot! I bribed her with some Melba toast and had Max lay in front of us! =) Kept her occupied!!!

She is growing wayyyy tooooooo fast!!!!!

She must have had a long day! I walked in to find her laying like this and just had to get a picture! Doesn't look very comfy to me, but I guess she was pretty tired!!!

Looks like she is enjoying those sweet peas, huh!?! We got our new highchair in this weekend and she loves it!! (Daddy loves that he can wheel her around the kitchen and they can "dance".. boy it sure is a sight to see!!) DeDe and Pop got this for Gracie for Easter. We sure do love our DeDe and Pop. Seriously, I can't say it enough how wonderful my parents are! Not only are they the best parents ever, they are the greatest Grandparents!!! Gracie loves them soo much and just lights up when she sees them (especially her pop... I think she has a thing for men and i'm starting to get a lil worried!! ha! ). I just wish we didn't live so far and they feel the same! They seriously can't go more than a couple weeks without seeing her!! We have to text DeDe several pictures everyday!! =) Luckily, we are going to spend the day with them in Oxford at our Auntsy's this weekend!!! We can't wait!! Of course auntsy is trying to make a Rebel outta Gracie, but we let her know shes a Razorback girl!! =) Plus that hotty toddy cheer has too many bad words in it for Miss Gracie! haha!! We've already started calling those hogs!! Whooo Pig! =)

Hope everyone has a GREAT WEEK!!! =)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taste Test....

Gracie got a taste of her first french fry last night! She always makes a horrible face when she first tries something, then minutes later shes screaming if I take it away! lol (ha, like she's ever gonna refuse food!!!)

hummmm.. lets see about this

So this is why momma eats these things all the time.... this is pretty good!!!

Max, look what Momma gave me

I didn't realize Max was as close as he was when I was taking this picture. As soon as I snapped it, he grabbed the fry outta her hand and ran off!! lol!! She just kept looking at me, then at him, with a puzzled look on her face!! I have a feeling we are going to have a fun time with these two once Gracie gets alittle older! Her face in this picture just cracks me up!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

6 Months!!!

Our little girl is 6 months old today!! AHHHHH!! I can't believe it!!!!

We have our 6 month appointment next wednesday, (also our 3 year anniversary!!!) so I will do her "official" 6 month post after we get her stats!!!


Momma and Daddy love you more than anything!!! =)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Happy Monday Y'all!!!

I can't believe its already Monday again!!! These weekends just fly by!! We were supposed to have friends come visit, but they changed their plans at last minute, so it was just the 3 of us. We had a great weekend though... the weather was PERFECT!!!

Josh dressed Gracie Saturday morning...can you tell? I had to do some adjusting to her outfit, cause I told him she looked like a boy, even with the bow! lol
Seriously... she looks like a lil biker! lol

No way we were going shopping with her looking like this!!! lol

Much better, thanks to Momma!!!

Love her facial expression... already snarling at her parents! ha

"Whatta babe"

Gracie and I had to run some errands Saturday afternoon and when we got home Josh took us for a steak. Since we live in the middle of nowhere Tennessee, we don't have many restaurants near us. There is a country cafe about 5 minutes from our house we have fallen in love with! It's sad they all know us by name!!! They have the best food and its just so convenient! I have even gotten my parents hooked on it when they come to visit!!! Anyway, on Saturday nights, they have a steak special we just love! Of course we had to get a slice of chocolate pie to go with it!! =) Gracie enjoyed my texas toast. She got really mad when i'd take it from her, so we had to distract her and hide the rest of the bread so she wouldn't see it on my plate!! lol

Sunday Gracie and I relaxed around the house while Daddy had to work. She is starting to teethe, so she wasn't as laid back as she usually is, but we had a great day together!!!

This "duck" tub was one of our baby shower gifts and I have been dying for her to use it!! I think it's safe to say, she loved it!!! =)

G getting ready for her bath relaxing

Can I get some privacy, please!?!

My little "quacker"!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Keeping up with Miss Gracie.....

I have to keep everyone up to date with Miss Gracie. I have too many cute, new pics I just have to share!!! =) She is growing sooo fast and I just CAN NOT believe she will be SIX months Wednesday! My is time flying!!!!

Our little diva, while out strollin' with momma and daddy. Seriously, those glasses stayed on our ENTIRE walk! (and we did not just walk down the driveway, lol)

We tried out some melba toast last weekend while at our DeDe and Pops house. She just loved it and would get very upset when I would take the small pieces away from her!!!

We are now able to sit like a big girl in the Target cart! This makes momma super happy, since its much easier than toting that heavy car seat inside. (since we go at least once a week!!!) She loved being able to look around. Does she have enough pink!?!?!

I just LOVE this picture!!! Gracie stayed home with her daddy Monday. I told him to send me a picture and this is what he sent! I thought it was pretty good for a self cell phone portrait!! She is really starting to look more like her daddy. I think its funny they have the same little hair line (only cause her daddy is going bald! lol) He just loves hearing people say, "Boy, she sure does favor her daddy". However, she still favors my baby photos as well!!! =)