Monday, November 19, 2012

Playing catch up

Well.... I'm here to try and play catch up again!!!  Time just gets away from me these days!!! =)  We are usually running non stop till about 8 at night.  I get the kids in bed and have all the fun laundry to wash and fold and dishes to wash and by this time I'm pooped and just want to lie in bed and watch TV. (And cross my fingers that Carley decides to sleep through the night on that particular night)
Anyway, we are doing well.  I celebrated my 31st Birthday back on the 2nd.  I am thankful for all my wonderful friends and family that made it a great birthday!  Mom watched the girls that night and Josh and I went to dinner.  This definitely doesn't happen very often AT ALL, so we really enjoyed it.
self portrait from our night out!
Mom and I have been busy the past 4 months writing Thank-yous and I'm soo happy to report we are officially finished!  Mom was stressing over the fact it was taking us so long, but there just isn't enough time in the day... esp to write over 200 thank yous!  We are still just blown away by all of the generosity.  Dad was truly a well loved guy!!!
Gracie and I enjoyed "Disney Live" with our besties, Taylor and Jasmin!!!  The girls were soo cute and had lots of fun!!!
Not the best pic, but the only one I got that night!
We enjoyed a Fall Festival at the girls school.  Gracie spent the majority of her time in the bouncy house and had a blast!!!


This past weekend Caroline was in a wedding in Jackson, MS.  I went with her and Mom kept the girls!  She is truly super DeDe!  We FaceTimed with them the first night... Carley wasn't too sure what to think of seeing me on the phone!!! 
We had a good time!!  I missed my babies, but I enjoyed my "me" time.  Caroline was busy the majority of the time with wedding stuff, so I just did my own thing and it was very nice and relaxing!!!
It was fun getting all dressed up!!!
On the way home, we stopped in Lake Village and took a stroll down memory lane.  It was a little sad... we drove past my grandparents old house.  We have so many memories in that house growing up.  If anyone was watching us, they probably thought we were crazy stalkers, because I was taking pictures of the house and every where else we went!! ha!
We stopped by the cemetery to see my grandparents graves.  It's so weird to think that my dad died 5 years after his mother.  I would have never imagined.

We drove by his old office and then to the lil park they dedicated to my grandfather after he passed away.  He was Mayor of Lake Village for 33 consecutive years!!  What an honor!!  That really says a lot about him, cause you just don't normally see someone in office for that long.  He was truly a well respected man and reminds me so much of Dad.  They were a lot alike.

I have to say, I was soo happy to get home to these lil sweeties, though!!!

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!