Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday 9/30

Dad has had a good day. I got here around 9:45 this morning and he was awake. His eyes look much much better and I can tell they feel better. His eye drops have definitely helped! We aren't sure what went on with him on Wednesday. Dr Mogbo said we would know if he had a brain bleed, because he wouldn't be alert and would deteriorate fast. He scared the crap outta all of us, but we are so thankful he is ok. We watched some tv this morning and two of his college buddies stopped by. They were able to see him during physical therapy. He sat on the bed and was able to balance himself and sit alone for several minutes. They did some other exercises with him and he did a good job. I haven't seen OT or Speech today, but they did come yesterday. He is resting now. Caroline is on her way and will be here for the weekend. We are all excited about seeing her.
We brought one of Dads Arkansas hats up here a few weeks ago and he's been wearing it some. We put it on today to get ready for the game on Saturday!!!!!

GO HOGS!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Mom got a call at 3:15 from Mr Wes saying Dad was unresponsive and they were calling rapid response. His nurse got on the phone (she had dad this past wkend too) and told Mom that they had tried everything to arouse him and were unable to. His pupils were sluggish and the way his mouth and tongue were moving made her worry he was having a seizure. Rapid response got here and were able to get a little response from him and all his vitals were good. They called his DR, but he hasn't been in yet. Mom and I got here around 5 and since we've been here he has been wide awake. He was able to tell us how many fingers we are holding up and puckered to give us a kiss. He is red-eyed and complaining of pain in his eyes. We are waiting for some eye drops.
The nurse said he was playing possum to get Mom to come see him! =)
Thanks for all the prayers. We are hopeful that all is ok and so glad Mom and I were able to get here so quickly after getting the call. It definitely does our hearts good to be able to see him and see that he is doing better, and to know that he has so many prayer warriors! Thank you ALL!!

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Wednesday 9/28

Dad had a good day yesterday. Aunt Tricia said he did well with OT as well as PT! Yay!!!!! She sent me a text around 6 last night that said he had a good day and they were watching tv!!! =) Dads college buddy, Wes, will be with him today and tomorrow. Hopefully we will continue to have good reports. I will be with him Friday.
Also, I have give a "shout out" to my awesome hubby! He made a "spur of the moment" trip to Heber Saturday night and is leaving tomorrow. He has done so much around the house for us! I don't ever think I've seen the carport this clean! (sorry Dad!) He's fixing some things at Dads office today and then planning on doing some yard work around here. We have all definitely enjoyed his visit. We will be sad when tomorrow comes, but he will be back in a couple weeks for Gracie's 2nd Birthday bash!!!! =) It's hard on all 3 of us to be apart, but he's so understanding and knows I'm where I need to be right now. Now hurry up winter so he can be with us more!!!!!!! =)
Hope everyone has a great day. I'll update more once I get a report!

We went to the Red Apple for Moms bday Monday night. Gracie was such a good girl!!!!

Watching some TV with her build a bear (dog) Weenie!

I can't tell you how happy this makes me!!!!! Momma doesn't have to listen to Barney in the car anymore!!!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday 9/27

Josh and I spent the day with Dad yesterday. He had physical therapy and speech while we were there and he did really well! He was a little more alert, but PT wore him out. He took a long nap after they left! =)
We are hopeful Dad will do well in this new unit. His pulse ox dropped yesterday and they put him on oxygen.
My aunt is spending the day with him today, so hopefully I'll have good news to report. We are soooo thankful for the friends and family that are stopping by to see dad and even stay the day with him some. It's so hard (not to mention exhausting) for Mom and I to get to Little Rock every day. I told Dad he is loved by sooo many people!!!!! =)

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday 9/23

*5:20 pm update
We have moved. He was asleep when they came to move him and he woke up and seemed very confused/scared. I was with him and kept reassuring him everything was fine and that he was going to a step up unit since he's doing so well. Broke my heart ( and yes I hid and shed some tears) seeing his eyes dance around and look so confused. Mom is on her way from Heber and should be here shortly. I am hoping he is at ease once she's here.

I sure thought my day was going to be a good one. I was WRONG! On my way to little rock this am I stopped by Starbucks in Conway cause I felt like I deserved a pumpkin spice latte. =) I get to the window to pay, and the guy at the register is a high school friend of Caroline's and when he sees me he says, "Oh, it's on me!" Soo excited! As I get back on the interstate Billie Jean comes on satellite radio. (you have to know me to know I lurve that song! Ha) I pull into Baptist parking lot and find a front row spot.....SCORE! (this is like a miracle!) I just new all this had to be a sign..... Well not quite.
I get to dads room and he's sleeping, but he wakes up shortly after I arrive. OT then speech comes in and he does well for both. PT came in next and so did the nurse from Recoup to tell me they have a private room open and are we still interested. He had to have an answer right then and even stood in front of me while I called mom. Ughhhhh. Soooo.... We don't really have much of a choice. We were told he wouldn't be able to stay in this unit much longer and we were afraid if we passed up the bed in recoup, where would we go when he couldn't stay here anymore??!!? He is moving TODAY. I wish we had a little more notice. The unit he is moving to doesn't monitor as closely as this unit does, so someone will really need to be with him a lot. Moms birthday is tomorrow and my aunt had planned on taking Gracie for the night so Mom and I could go to a movie for her birthday. We wont want to leave him alone, Especially since he will prob be confused in the new place, so I doubt we will get to do that now. Boooooooo. I just hate all this. We are trying to be optimistic, but we are still disappointed.
Dad is sleeping again right now and we are just waiting on them to come move him.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday 9/22

Mom found out yesterday afternoon that Dads pulse ox had dropped yesterday morning. It got really low and they had to put him on oxygen. He was on 35% as of last night. My aunt is with him today, so I'll update info as soon as we hear. Mom said he wasn't as alert yesterday afternoon as he was yesterday morning. We are praying for more periods of alertness. If I don't update again today, I'll be with him tomorrow and will give an update then.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday 9/21

**12:15 pm update**
Dad is having a great day, per Mom.  She said he is very alert and had his glasses on and was reading earlier.  She sounded so happy!!! =)  This is definitely the kind of day we have ALL been needing! 

I spent the day with Dad yesterday.  He had a fairly good day.  He mouthed my name when I got there, which made me soo soo happy.  I don't think I've mentioned this in previous posts, but Dad has a blood clot in his right arm.  His hand has been so swollen.  The Dr said because of the brain bleed, they can't give him blood thinners, so they are just watching it. (He probably got hit from his picc line) He said it isn't as severe as clots in the legs would be.  Anyway, the swelling in his hand was down yesterday.  When I got there, PT was starting to work with him.  He had speech, occupational and physical therapies all by 10:30 yesterday morning!  He was worn out and slept a lot yesterday afternoon!!!  I asked him several times if he was in any pain and he said no.  He tried to "tell" me lots of things, but I couldn't make them all out. 
Mom was with him last night and she said he was so alert!  He told her he wanted a sandwich!  You know he has to be soo hungry!  He hasn't had anything to eat or drink in 22 weeks!!!!!  Breaks my heart for him. 
We are being told they are waiting on a room for him in recoup =(.  We really wanted him to be able to stay where he is, but it is not working out that way.  Recoup is great, don't get me wrong, but he still needs more observation and monitoring than they do.  (He was in recoup before he had to be placed back in ICU and on the vent this last time)   Hopefully we can make it through the weekend without him being moved.... fingers crossed.
Mom is with him today and once I have an update from her, i'll update all of you!!! =)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday 9/19

Sorry for my blogging absence. Let me try to catch you all up. Friday Dad wasn't feeling very well. He did all of his therapies, but he kept telling me he felt "so so". He had an ok day Saturday. Caroline was in for the weekend, so she and mom went to the hospital while I stayed with Gracie. Saturday night the 3 of us went to a wedding and stopped by the hospital around 9pm to see Dad. Caroline started singing James Taylor songs and he was mouthing the words along with her! It was too funny! He would even close his eyes and move his head around during the high parts! Lol
Sunday he slept the majority of the day. His Dr has called a Orthopedic dr to come look at his knee. He has some fluid on it and we are hoping they will drain it. He has really been in pain.
I will be spending the day with Dad, so I will post an update once I get there and see how things are!!!!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday 9/15

Dad did NOT pass his swallow test yesterday. =( He has also been complaining of pain in his legs. His left knee has been swollen. They did an xray of his knee yesterday and we should have results sometime today. Dad also had to have a new picc line put in. Actually, I don't think they have done that yet, but they are planning on it. He had periods of alertness again yesterday. I will be with him again tomorrow and can't wait to see that smile if his!!!!
I will update as we receive information on things.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tues 9/13

Dad had a really good morning today. He worked really well with OT, Speech and PT. He is having a swallow study tomorrow morning. Hopefully he will pass and be able to start getting thick liquids. PT had him sit on the side of the bed and try to stand. He wasn't able to stand up straight, but he stood up for them! =) His nurse said he was very alert for them this am.
He is resting now. I'm sure his morning wore him out!!!!!!

**Added..... As of right now Dad is still at Baptist. The social worker said rehab would be coming to evaluate him soon. We expect for him to get to stay in this unit for at least a couple weeks.... Hopefully longer!!!! Thank you all so much for the sweet prayers!
(I caught myself dozing off while I wrote this post as well as yesterday's. I'm going to let that be my excuse for any grammatical errors! Hummm... Guess this is a good excuse to make a Starbucks run before I start my drive home!! )

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday 9/12

We found out yesterday Dad still has MRSA and now has strep. His DR has ordered some antibiotics and we are hopeful that his iv antibiotics (and the work of certain special people) will keep him here. He has been pretty fidgety today. He is constantly pulling at his covers and grabbing random things. He did get in his wheelchair and worked with OT and speech.
We haven't spoken to a nurse or a case worker, but I will definitely update if things change.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday 9/10

Dad had a pretty good day yesterday. We got to roam the halls again in his wheelchair. He was shaving with his electric razor with OT when I got here. He's trying to talk more. Some things you can understand, others you can't. I left for lunch yesterday and of course missed some visitors! Sorry I missed you Mr. Sam, but glad you had a good visit with dad!!!!

Out for our Friday morning stroll!

This morning he has been exercising his arms. I got him to say woooo pig sooooie and go hogs! I hate he is missing out on football this year. He LOVES football, especially the Razorbacks. We are watching ESPN Game Day right now and Mom is going to bring a radio for him to listen to the game tonight.
Tuesday is Dads set discharge date. Please please please say a prayer that he gets to stay here. He is making such great progress and we are hopeful he can stay here a bit longer. He works soo well with everyone here (not to mention we love each and everyone of them!). It seems like every time he starts making progress he has to move and gets his feet kicked out from underneath him. We've been through soooo much and don't want to have anymore setbacks.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!!

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday 9/8

Mom spent the day with Dad yesterday.  He wasn't as alert as he was with me on Tuesday.  He did however, do some funny things!!  Mom said he looked at her and pointed and said, "Go get me peanuts, NOW!"  HAHAHA  She said  he kept saying, "NOW, GO!" lol. (He still can't eat or drink and has his stomach feeding tube) So she walked out in the hallway and came back in.  Then he looked at her and said, "What?!?" lol  He was saying off the wall stuff, like go get my car and I am mad at you!  She said he had the nurse laughing.  The nurse came in and mom was telling her what all he had been doing and he looked at the nurse, pointed to mom, then saluted her! haha!  I guess he knows who is boss!  =)

These past few days have been hard.  We go through times like this... we have highs and we have lows.  Right now we are in the lows.  I was getting ready this morning and had the music on.  I heard this song and stopped and listened.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I felt like it was a sign.  I've been praying so hard and i'm trying to keep from getting discouraged when my prayers aren't answered the way I want them to be.  This song says it best.... God is great, but sometimes life ain't good.  And when I pray, it doesn't always turn out like I think it should, but I do it anyway.

Thank each and every one of you for all the thoughts and prayers. I will be with Dad tomorrow and hope I am able to share about a good day!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I had to blog about some cuteness today!!!! Gracie is taking tap/ballet this year. She starts next Monday, so of course she needed a cute new bag. I have ordered lots (and I mean lots... They make the best baby gifts!) of bags from The Sparkle Box, so I knew she would fix us up with something cute. Well, that she did.......

Oh my stars I was beyond excited when I saw this!!!!!!! Thanks again Keri!!!! We LOVE it!!!!

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Tues 9/6

Look who I'm hanging out with today.........

Like the hog in the

He was saying "Hi" as I snapped this picture!!!!

All is well this am. He is alert right now. Trying to tell me stuff with hand motions.... I can't quite figure everything out!!!!!
OT was just in here and she helped him shave and even trimmed his hair a little! Lol

He is "brushing his teeth"

Mom was with him this weekend. He had an ok weekend. He was alert in the AM and became a little more spacey in the afternoons. He gets agitated very easily and picks and pulls at everything when he is spacey. Hopefully we will have more periods of alertness.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Friday 9/2

I just realize I didn't post this yesterday!!!! Oops!!!! Better late than never........

Happy Birthday to our Caroline, Heff, Auntsy and Tear-o-line!
We all love you sooo soooo much!!!!! =

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Thursday 9/1

When I got to the hospital this am, I walked in Dads room as the nurse was giving him some meds. He had been crying and they thought it was because he was in pain. He slept the majority of the am. He woke up when OT came in and did really well. He and I played the picture game again (he points to the people I'm talking about... Ex which one of your daughters goes to Ole Miss, which one of your daughters is married and has a baby. When he pointed to me I reminded him that was his favorite daughter too! Lol. I got a big smile outta him!)
When I had to leave today he acted upset. He kept pointing at the clock and looking outside (I'm assuming telling me it was still daylight). I told him I had to leave so I could get back to pick up Gracie on time. I hated leaving him. We know he gets so lonely and I hate we can't be there more. =\
The social worker gave us a discharge date of 9/13. We are hoping and praying that he will be strong enough to go to recoup or even rehab. I told him he has to work soo soo hard with his therapists.
They moved Dad to a different room yesterday (still private, yay) and I can't remember his room number. I think it's 1047??? I didn't even look at the room # when I walked in today!
Gracie and I are heading to Memphis tomorrow for a few days. Josh has been working with a crew in Paris, TN. They are building a log cabin, so he's been gone for the past couple weeks as well. We will all be glad to be home together for a few days. I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!!

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