Monday, November 10, 2008

Getting closer...

We are finally getting closer to moving in our new house!! I spent Saturday running around town picking out and buying all the things we needed. I had alot of fun "spending money":) Josh didn't like that idea, but it had to be done!
Nothing too exciting has been going on these past few weeks! I had a great birthday!! It all started on Halloween! I got to work and the girls at work had decorated my desk. It was so cute! They also surprised me with a potluck breakfast (soo yummy) and an awesome Ice Cream cake later on in the afternoon.

Isn't it cute!?!?! Even they call me AK-47! I guess i'll always have that nickname!! Ohhh and they some yummmy smelling Victoria Secret!! I had such a great day and it wasn't even my bday yet!! My parents stopped in town their way back from Ole Miss on Sunday. We met them downtown and had my bday lunch and then my hubby took me to a movie. We had my sisters car for the weekend and I forgot her clocks weren't set back. The movie started at 4 and we thought it was 3:45. We walk in and Josh gets some popcorn and a coke. I realize about 2 minutes later that the clock wasn't set back and we have an hour and 15 mins to spare!! AHHHH what fun!!!
Hopefully i'll have some pics of the house to post after this weekend!! My wonderful friend Sarah is coming up Friday and helping me finish painting! Now if thats not a true friend, then I don't know what is! Thanks again, Sarah!! I mean how many people truly enjoy painting?? Not me for sure!!! Alot of the stuff I bought for the house had to be ordered, so by next weekend we should have everything in! yippiieee!!!
Hope everyone is enjoying this fall weather.... i don't like the cold... i am already ready for spring or summer!!!