Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday 2/29

I'm sitting at my Drs office waiting for my glucose test.... Yuck! I figured I should use this time to post an update. I've had a sick lil girl and I've been feeling crummy as well. Gracie had strep and mom and I are hopeful it will skip over us. Mom is heading to Oxford to spend the weekend with Caroline. Once again, this is a first she must face alone. Dad ALWAYS tagged along on Oxford trips, even if it was a girls trip! Lol. He would always do his own thing.... Which usually consisted of sitting on the square or wandering through Square books!!! He LOVED Oxford!!!!! Mom hasn't seen Caroline's new condo she moved into it in August and since she's graduating in May, her time there is coming to an end. Mom deserves a get-a-way and I'm glad she's doing this! We have several wonderful friends that are going to help us check in on Dad this weekend. Soo thankful for each and every one of them. It's hard for me to go with Gracie, cause she doesn't last much longer than 5 mins!!
Mom went to see Dad this morning and she said he looked great!!!!! He asked her for a book to read. We had taken some magazines up there to him, but he has trouble turning the pages. Mom mentioned getting him a kindle. Anyone out there have one or something similar? Any suggestions?? I'm going to research them tonight, but I'm clueless when it comes to those. I've often wondered if he would like my iPad.... I may take that up there for him to mess around with and see how it goes. I know he gets soooo bored during the day. With mom and I working, she goes before work for a quick drop in, I try to go during my lunch break, and mom goes back every afternoon when she gets off work and usually stays till he goes to sleep.
Well.... My hour wait is almost up. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

Enjoying her ice cream!!!

She had to model mommy's new shoes! Lol
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday 2/21

Happy Fat Tuesday!!!!!!!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday 2/20

Happy Monday..... my least favorite day of the week! =)  Gracie and I went to visit Dad Saturday morning before our trip to Walmart. She is still a little unsure and it takes her awhile to get comfortable around him, so we didn't stay very long. When Mom got up there (about an hour later) she was informed he had fallen, again! =( The nurse said he was in his wheelchair and was reaching for something and fell on the floor. I can't tell you how much this breaks our hearts, not to mention scares us. =( 
Dad had some visitors this weekend and really enjoyed his time with them.   His cousin Ron and his wife, came to visit on Saturday.  Mom said Dad really enjoyed his time with them, and actually got teary eyed during their visit.  When they left, Mom said he cried like a baby.... it made him realize his limitations and really touched him they came to visit.  This was soo hard on Mom, but at the same time, he was showing emotion, and we were happy for that.  On Sunday, longtime family friends, the Mills, came to visit.  Once again, Dad enjoyed his time with them and even told them of things that had happened the day before (his fall).  His short term memory has not been very good, so this really pleased us. 
Mom got a call from the nursing home this morning, and they are doing some blood work on Dad this afternoon.  He is having a few issues and when the Dr was notified, he ordered some blood work.  We will know the results tomorrow, but please say a prayer that all is well and we get a good report.  He has lost more weight, which is another concern.  They have made some changes to his feeding, so we hope that this resolves it.  It truly is never ending around here.  Sometimes it feels like we are being hit from all sides and wonder how much more we have to take and can take.  We try to stay positive, but it is honestly hard at times.  Butttt...... this little face sure helps us get through these tough times!!!
Gracie got this balloon from her Daddy for Valentine's Day and she has let everyone know it! =)  She has carried it with her EVERYWHERE.... until it got caught in the fan on Saturday.... sad sad day for this 2 year old! lol
Gracie kept telling me to take a "cheese" as she posed with Dede.  She made me take like 5 pictures and looked through them all and kept saying, "Ohhhh... how cute!" 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday 2/11

Bear Bryant....Ummm I mean Jack Rhodes hopes everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!

Dad had some beautiful flowers dropped off last Sunday without a card. We were curious as to who they were from cause they were sooo pretty. We finally found out last night. Thanks go out to Ernest Flippo and the Methodist Church. He is on the committee that delivers flowers left in the church to shut ins, nursing home residents, etc. He said he saw these and knew where they needed to go and had Dads name added to the list. Definitely brightened his day, and his room, getting these! =) We have cards hanging in his room and he wanted me to read them to him yesterday. (He can read but they are taped on the wall, so he can't get to them to well) He enjoyed hearing them all and he still remembers all of your nicknames! (Squatty body.... Ms Ann we both got a good laugh!) There are so many sweet people out there that love my daddy and we are thankful for each one of you! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.... Stay warm!!!!!

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday 2/9

Everything is about the same around here.  Dad has good days and bad days.  He is having some stomach/feeding issues, but we are hopeful they will get it all figured out soon.  He has lost 10 lbs since he has been in Heber.  He has great upper body strength and they are working with him on moving himself from the bed to his chair.    He makes his way up and down the halls some.  When I went to see him Saturday morning, he was sitting up front at the nurses station keeping them in line!! =)  Mom went Saturday night and he was sitting in the lobby soaking everything in! (There were 2 cops up there due to a resident disturbance or something like that and he was watching all the action!)

I'm sorry I don't update this blog as much as I should.  Sometimes I start to write and then stop cause I'm afraid all I will do is be negative.  We still have our up and down days.  It's gotten really hard for us....especially Mom.  We were hoping things would be different by now and it's hard not to become angry that things aren't going the way we want them to.   I found some video's on my phone of Dad playing with Gracie over a year ago.  It's good to hear his voice, but then it makes it hard at the same time.   Dad is in good spirits the majority of the time and that does our hearts good.  He enjoys seeing all the familiar faces of people that stop by and hearing of people that ask about him.  I told him the other day he sure is a well liked man, and was telling him a few of the things people had said to me over the past few days.  He looked at me and said, "Bullsh*t!"  I laughed sooo hard. (then told him I didn't like those kind of words and he said well Bull then! lol) 

I can't say Thank you enough, for all of the prayers.  It means soo much to all of us.  I will try to do better with keeping everyone updated.