Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nothing too exciting to blog about this week. We got some snow again last Wednesday. Nothing like the snow and ice parts of Arkansas got, but we were happy to see it for awhile! It started sleeting around 6:00 that morning, then snowing pretty heavy. Schools were canceled, but I went ahead and got up to get ready for work. An hour after all this had started our yard and driveway were completely white! Josh drove to the end of our street, which was completely covered as well. So I got myself a snow day! The main road we turn on to get to the interstate (11 miles away) was a little slick, so I decided to not even chance it. Of course by noon the roads were completely clear! But I enjoyed a day at home with my hubby! After lunch we went out for a ride on the 4wheeler. We bundled up, cause it was sooo cold! Josh got some coveralls on sale after christmas. Of course they were 2 sizes to big for me, but I piled on lots of layers underneath!

Josh took this picture and we sent it to my mom. She texted me back to tell Josh he looked soo cute! HAHA thanks Mom! Of course our ride didn't last too long. It was soo cold, but luckily Josh was driving, so he shielded my face... how sweet of him!
I'm still on my cooking streak. After we got home I whipped up this yummy Chocolate Chip Pound Cake.

Josh ate the last bite of it night before last... so sad!