Tuesday, April 28, 2009

15 weeks

I am happy to say that Dads surgery was a success and he has been relaxing at home since Saturday afternoon. He is planning on going back to work tomorrow, so that means he is feeling pretty good!! We had a very busy weekend with all of our traveling. Carolines Spring Concert was good, other than the fact the air was out in the church and it was soooo hot in there! Josh and I were up for going out for awhile after dinner, (well ok, really just Josh) but I think Caroline thought we were too old to be hanging out at any of the bars! lol We got up super early Friday morning and headed to Little Rock for Dads surgery. We spend the majority of the day in his hospital room, with the exception of our quick trip across the street to the mall! We headed to Benton to stay the night with my grandparents and had such a good time getting to visit with everyone! Saturday we headed back to the hospital until Dad was released then we headed back home. It seemed like the weekend went by soo fast. I'm sure it was cause we were constantly on the go! I was glad to get to sleep in Sunday and enjoy the beautiful weather. Josh fired up and grill and we sat out back and enjoyed the evening together. I sure hope the rain decides to stay away this weekend. I want the sun to stick around for the weekend again!!

Well, baby Morgan is now the size of an apple, an orange if you prefer!

I can't believe how the time has flown. I sure hope the next few weeks fly by as well! We will find out May 22nd what Lil M is. We are all soo excited! I am soo not a patient person, so this has not been easy! One of my friends told me about this test called Intelligender. I also read on a girls blog that she had used it with her current pregnancy, so I thought what the heck. This test supposedly tells you whether you will be having a boy or a girl. I carefully followed all the directions Sunday morning. After waiting for 10 minutes here were my results.......

Of course I'm not going and buying any blue until we get the word on the 22nd, but by the looks of the "What is Baby Morgan" poll, the majority of you agree with the test! We don't care either way. We are just praying for health! I have to say i'm anxious to find out if the test works and also a little curious as to how it works! My friend that told me about it said it worked for everyone she knew that took it, so we shall see!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

2 years ago.....

A few weekends ago we watched "Marley and Me" Here is Josh and Grizz watching the movie together. Awww... how sweet!!!

(please excuse the messy house!)

Grizz and Gage have been sleeping in the kennel together at night and they are becoming good buds and it keeps the lil fella from whining all night long! haha!

Our 2 year anniversary is Tuesday. I can't believe it has been two years since our wedding day. That was one of the best days of my life and I will always remember it. I know the birth of our child will take its place and become the best day of my life! I just can't wait! I am so thankful god blessed me with Josh. He has been so patient with me these past few months during my "icky moody days" (what was my excuse for those days before I was pregnant??!?!?! haha). He is taking me wherever I want to eat on Tuesday! Lets hope I don't get any weird and crazy cravings before now and then! lol

I just can't wait to spend many more years with this guy and can't wait to see what all the future holds for us!

Meet Gage

We finally have a name for the new pup! After throwing out several names to Josh, and him snarling his nose at them, he finally decided on a name. I am happy to introduce to you.... Cypress Creek's 12-Gage. (Gage) Yes, yes, I know... how redneck! haha!! Josh came up with it on his own and I thought Gage was cute. I'll never call him by his full name so whatever! haha!!

We went to Heber for Easter weekend! We had a great time, as always! Saturday Mom, Caroline and I went to Little Rock to do some shopping and we got to meet up with my Aunts for lunch! We did some heavy duty shopping and I was worn out by the time we got home. Sunday morning us girls got up and went to church. Why is it that is always either cold or rainy on Easter?? Dad decided he was going to stay home, since he hadn't been feeling the greatest. Of course Josh thought he should stay with him to make sure he was ok while we were gone! lol! I was upset since Josh didn't go with us to church, we didn't get any pictures of us all dressed up!! Josh tried to make up for it by taking pictures after we ate lunch and were in our comfy clothes. Soooo not the greatest picture of us!!!

Here is what Dad and Josh (and Grizz) did pretty much all day Sunday until we headed back to Memphis!

Dad is having Surgery this Friday in Little Rock. He is doing much better so the surgery isn't as "serious" as they told us it would be earlier. We are heading to LR Friday morning to be with him and Mom and are all confident all will go well. We are hoping for a speedy recovery!

We also are heading to Oxford Thursday night for Caroline's Choir recital since Mom and Dad can't make it. I am looking forward to that as well. We always enjoy our visits to Oxford and can't wait to hear Caroline and her solo! I know she will do great, as always!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Addition

I came home last night to find Josh with this........

The new puppy!!! I'll admit, he is really cute and so far he has not been much of a whiner! We are having trouble with a name for the little fella. Anyone have any ideas??? Josh is very picky about his dog names... kids names for that matter!! He wants to name him something he wouldn't mind yelling out at a hunt test! My sister said Cracker. I thought it was cute, but Josh didn't like the idea of yelling out "Cracker" at hunt tests!! haha! I have not been excited about the idea of a new puppy and all the whining in the house. Josh opted to sleep on the couch last night with the pup. I woke up this morning to find them in the guest room. He said it wasn't tooo bad of a night. However, Josh wanted to go back to sleep this morning and lil fella didn't want to! The puppy was crawling and licking on Josh. I could tell he was getting frustrated and he said I guess the puppy is getting me ready for the baby and no more sleeping in! haha! Bingo!!! Hopefully this lil fella will have a name soon. If you have any suggestions, send them to me!! (and yes, I come home every night from work and go to put on my pjs! haha)

Now on to our addition arriving this Fall!!! Baby Morgan is a lemon this week!! (14 weeks)

Tuesday Josh and I went to Jonesboro for the afternoon. He had to take care of some stuff at ASU and they were also doing free OB ultrasounds. (We also hit up El Acapulco for an early dinner! sooo good!!)We got to watch "Lil M" for about an hour! It had grown quite a bit and was very active during the ultrasound!! The baby had the hiccups while they were trying to get measurements!! It was soo cute! We tried to get a peek to see if we could tell the gender. The students doing the ultrasounds wouldn't say what they thought, cause they said it was just a guess!! Josh thinks girl! They zoomed in when the baby had its legs spread apart and he said he didn't see any "pokes". I thought I did, but they said it could be the umbilical cord! I am soo ready to find out what we are having. I hate referring to the baby as "it" or "they". We go back to the Dr next Friday.. I am hoping she will let me come back in a few weeks for an ultrasound! Fingers crossed!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

12 weeks

Baby Morgan is a lime this week.... or a plum, if you prefer !!! I just love getting my weekly emails telling me what size the baby is each week and all its developments!! (I know I said Lil M was a lime last week, but since I didn't get to meet with my dr, i'm keeping my orginal due date unless she decides to change it!!)

I am starting to feel much better. I still have my icky moments, but overall, the morning/all day sickness has begun to subside! PTL!!!! Goodbye First Trimester!!!!

We are going to Heber this weekend and I am soo excited about seeing my family. We are sooo glad that Dad is feeling much better. I am hoping hes back to his 'ole self soon!!! Hopefully I will get to meet up with my grandma and aunts as well and spend some time with them!! I hate being so far away and not being getting to see my family very often!

Nothing else really to report on... ohhh, we are getting a new puppy soon. Can you tell i'm excited!?!?!?! Josh bred one of our labs to a labradoodle, so he got pick of the liter. I haven't seen his pick yet, but he keeps telling me i'm going to fall in love with him, cause hes so cute. Well, we'll see about that... i'm sure he'll be really cute when hes whining at 2 am in the morning!!! I guess this can be Josh's practice for middle of the night feedings!! hehe!!

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter. I am sure I'll have lots of "easter pictures" to share next week!!! :)