Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday 11/29

Dad will be at Baptist one more week. Next week he will return to Heber. It is very bittersweet for us. We are glad he will be closer to home, but sad we are leaving Baptist. I wish that he was able to return home, but he's just not strong enough for that yet. He will be going to Seven Springs Nursing Home. We were very impressed by their Rehab department and are very hopeful he will continue to improve. This has been a long, emotional 8 months. We've been strong for so long, I think the emotions are starting to catch up with us. These past couple of weeks have been hard on us. Thanks to all of our wonderful, sweet friends for all of your sweet texts, msgs, cards, etc and checking in on us....we are very lucky to have all of you!
I can't end without wishing my wonderful parents a Happy 42nd Wedding Anniversary!!!!!!! Our sweet friends, The Duckworth's, brought us an "anniversary" dinner last night.... Complete with desert! Lol!! It was definitely a needed treat for us!
Dad had his morning therapy this am and is resting in his room until afternoon therapy. He is pretty tired today. Hopefully a lil cat nap will do him some good!
Found this picture a few weeks ago....... =)

Sure do miss my Daddy.
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday 11/27

Not much to report. There is still a chance Dad will get to stay at Baptist Rehab. We will find out Tuesday. We are hopeful he will be able to stay a couple more weeks in LR. If not, he will be coming back to Heber and going to Seven Springs. We were very impressed with their therapy department.
I will be with Dad on Tuesday for report card day. Will report more then.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not the report card Tuesday I was hoping for..... Dad is being discharged next Wednesday. Mom, Caroline and I have to figure out the next step. This is very hard for us.....please keep us in your thoughts.

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Tuesday 11/22

I wrote a long entry, went to post it and it disappeared.... booooo!  Sooo... this is going to be short and sweet!! =)
Gracie made this video for her Pop last week.  I think he watched it about a dozen times on Thursday, then several times again on Friday!!  One of his Therapist watched it and then later that afternoon another one came over and said she wanted to see the video everyone was talking about! lol!!  I'll have to admit.... it is pretty cute!!! 

Caroline and I are on our way to LR to see Dad this morning in this icky weather.  Rain, rain go AWAY! 
It's report card day.. I'm anxious to hear how everything is going.  Hope everyone has a great day!!!! =)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Special visit.....

Dad had a visit from the Longshot Investment group on Saturday. These guys and their wives have been the best of friends since their Hendrix days. Honestly, I feel like Dad has 5 other brothers..... Each and every one of these guys and their families have been wonderful to all of us throughout Dads illness. I am soooooo sad I only have one picture to share. We all met at Copelands to eat Saturday for lunch ( yummmmmo), then headed to the hospital to see Dad. They hadn't gotten him out of bed when we first got there, but of course after I took this pic, they got him up in his wheelchair and we all hung out in the "dining room" on his floor. The first thing Dad said was, "The trees are soo pretty!" He was soooooo happy to see everyone. I can't express how much this meant to Mom, Caroline and myself for all of you guys to schedule this get together.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guess who?!?

Anybody know whose legs these are?!?!

I have to say I died when I found this picture today... In Dads desk of ALL places!!!!! Lol

Nice bow tie, huh?!?

I sent these pics to Mom and she showed them to Dad.... His response was.... Hard to believe!!!! Lol
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tues 11/15

Dad got another good report card!!! He gets to stay another week for sure! Yayyyy!!!!! Aunt Tricia was with him today. She said they put him on a bicycle type machine today and he did really well! Here is the pic she sent.....

She asked him if he was ready to go back to Heber... Of course he said YES!!!!!
Mom and I watched the special on Gabby Giffords last night. It sure did touch close to home. We are hopeful Dad will have the same progress she has had.
I will check in later this week/weekend!!!!!
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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dad has been doing really well in his therapies. He got another good report on his weekly report card. We are hopeful he will continue and be able to stay where he is for awhile. We were told 2-3 wks, Which would be the week of Thanksgiving, but we are working on him being able to stay.
Mom was with him on Thursday and Friday this week. She called me while they were waiting on his therapy to start and she said hold on a sec..... Then I heard Dad say, "I love you, Anna Kathryn!!" Mom said he did the same to Caroline and he had her in tears!!!!!! I'm glad we are steps closer to having our daddy back. It has just been way too too long.
Gracie wanted to share a picture with all of our blogger friends!!!!

If you follow me on Facebook, I'm sure you've already heard our exciting (shocking) news!! Our family will be growing come June. Dad has known this for awhile and I keep reminding him he has to be in the hospital with ME in June, so he better be working his booty off!!! When I first told him he gave me a thumbs up..... Then he clapped..... Then when I started telling him to get to work and work hard hard hard, so he can be with me when i have the newest grandchild, he rolled his eyes at me!!! =)
Also, I would like to ask a favor.... I can't go into specifics, but one of my very dear high school's family members is having surgery on Wednesday. Could you please say a prayer for their family?? I know how scared they all are.... I remember how scared I was when Dad had each of his procedures. I would appreciate it, and so would they, so very much!
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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday 11/5

Happy Saturday!!!! Goooo Hogs!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday 11/2

*5:25 pm
They are removing the trach RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom called me a bit ago and put the phone up to Dad and he said Happy Birthday several times. I told him I loved him so much and he said I love you honey! Awesome, Awesome day!

Dad has done AWESOME today.... best Birthday present ever.... Well besides my IPAD Mom surprised me with last night!!!! Mom got to watch him
In all his therapies today and said they are probably going to remove the trach tomorrow.....what what?!?!
Caroline is coming in this weekend and I'm glad she will get to see how well he is doing. We are going to try to take Gracie up to the unit on Saturday. She can't go in his room, but we figured we'd wheel him out into the lobby area. I can't wait to see his face when he sees her! They are both going to love it! Gracie will take my phone and swipe through all the pictures and show everyone all the pictures of Pop. =) I can't believe it's been 6 months since she's seen him.
Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday 11/1

Dad received his first "Report Card" today. I'm sooo excited to be able to share that he has done very well and progressed during his first week in Rehab. Therefore, he will be able to stay for 2-3 more weeks!!! This is awesome!!!!!!! The case worker told Mom this is a really big thing and doesn't happen very often. He is standing for 15 minutes at a time with the help of a machine ( pics were in previous post). They are bringing in an ENT to work on the swallowing and removal of the trach. Hopefully that will be the next step!!!!! Aunt Tricia is with him today and just texted that she is watching therapy from afar. Mom will be there tomorrow and they told her she could watch during this therapies as well. They normally ask that Friends and Family not be present during the therapy times, so I'm glad Mom will get to see his progress. The case worker came in yesterday and
also asked that we limit visiting times to just "drop in visits". Right now Dad really needs to rest between his therapies. He has a break daily.... The times vary from 10-1:30. During those times they say Dad needs to rest. Please don't let this keep any of you from stopping by. I know Dad enjoys seeing all of his friends and family, but they just suggest short visits with little stimulation, so he is still able to rest.
Im sooo glad I was able to share a happy post today!!!!! God is good!!!!!!!

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