Friday, November 19, 2010

What I've been up to

What's been going on with Gracie the past few weeks........
I love my new recliner!!! Thanks Daddy!

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Ready for the Race for the Cure

Walking for a cure!

Warming up!!! =) (Don't worry.... it's empty!)

Sportin my pink!

I was a lil Lamb for Halloween.... I learned to say "baaaahhh"

Kicked back, enjoying my Sunday afternoon

I'm such a stylin' chicka!

My momma makes me pose for pictures almost every morning... we have to send to my DeDe and Pop so they won't forget what I look like....I guess!!

I had a meeting with a Cullen at my babysitters!

Hi Dede, Hi Pop!!!

Glad you could see what all I've been up to! My momma hasn't updated in awhile, but she still takes tons and tons of pictures of me! She will be back soon!!!!