Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Mom and I took the girls trick or treating tonight. We went to like 5 houses and I'm pooped! Ha!!! Gracie would have been ok with just trick or treating at our house and filling her bucket up, but we wanted to make a few stops at some friends houses.
Of course, I didn't get any pictures after we left the house! Ohhh well!!!!!
Luckily Gracie is in bed watching Cinderella and Carley is asleep in my lap! I must say I am not too far behind her!!!!!

Happy Halloween from my Princess and pumpkin!!!! :)

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday 10/18

It's been busy around here these past two weeks. Last week I was in Little Rock for my life/health insurance class. Josh had the girls and I'm happy to say they all 3 survived, with the help of our wonderful DeDe! :) Josh's Birthday was on Thursday. I hate that I wasn't with him to celebrate, but Mom made up for it and took him and the girls to dinner. I've decided I need to get away more often..... Josh got Carley to sleeping all night and my house was even clean when I got home! :)
We went to Tull this past Sunday to see Dads headstone. It's weird to say its beautiful. Just about as weird as it was seeing his name on there.

I told Mom the other day I only wish I could see Dad with Gracie AND Carley right now. They would both have their Pop wrapped around their little fingers!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We are headed to Benton for the weekend. My cousin is getting married and Gracie is one of the flower girls and Caroline is singing. I know Caroline will do great, I'm just a lol nervous about how Gracie will do! We've been practicing what to do, so hopefully she won't "freeze" up!!!! :)
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, GRACIE

Happy 3rd Birthday to our sweet and sassy lil Gracie!!!!!!!

She woke up and got to open the gift her Gigi set her!

We then headed over to Dede's to open gifts and are now heading to Benton for the day! :)

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday 10/2

Wow! I've really been MIA. I didn't realize it had almost been 2 months since I updated last. Hopefully I didn't run everyone off and someone will see this post! :)
I don't even know where to start! Not too much has been going on with us, yet we've been soo busy! Josh and the girls and I moved yet again this past weekend. It wasn't too bad this go around, but I'm sure glad it's behind us! We are still in Heber and the girls and I (and Josh when he's in town) have dinner with Mom pretty much every night. I'm so thankful we live close and are able to be together so much.
We've celebrated Dad and Moms birthdays since my last post. We went to the cemetery on Dads. It sure was a hard day, seeing the fresh grave without any flowers. Everything from the service had died due to the the hot hot weather. We took some flowers and stayed and visited for awhile. We hope to go back this weekend and his headstone will be up. It will be hard seeing that, but at the same time I'm ready for it to be there. It's still so surreal. I haven't fully accepted it that my Daddy is gone. I know people say it will get easier with time, but for now, I can't say I fully believe that. I miss him more than ever.... We all do. Mom and I sit and talk about him constantly. We picture the way he would hold his head when he would laugh, the way he would say things and the looks he would give! (Both good and bad, lol) I found some videos on mom and dads laptop the night dad passed away. We watch those constantly and just laugh. Mom told me the other day she watches them every night. One is of Dad singing and goofing off. He had us all rolling. The other starts off with Dad singing and dancing in the kitchen, then Mom joins in! I'll have to remember to post the one of Dad (Mom would kill me if I posted the one of her! Lol) I wish everyone could have known Dad as the way he acted in that video! He loved to have a good time.
Moms birthday was the 24th. The girls in her office had a lil surprise party for her and we went to surprise her as well! We also went to Copelands for dinner
for her birthday. Unfortunately it was dinner from hell! lol Both of my kids decided to act crazy! Carley screamed and Gracie fussed the entire time. After all of us taking turns walking outside with them, I finally had my meal boxed up and we drove around the parking lot while Mom and Caroline ate! Ugh! One day we will look back at this and laugh, but for now, I said we may never go out to dinner again until the girls are 13!!!!
Everyone is doing well. Caroline is still living and working in Little Rock and loves it. She has a new beau. :) Brett is still in Heber as well and helps me out with things quite a bit, especially when Josh is gone. Mom is still working. Thank you notes and the girls and I are keeping her busy when she's not. :) (I can not tell you all how touched and honored we were by everything people have done since Dads passing. We are seriously floored and cant express our appreciation enough) I'm still working as well and loving my job and my coworkers. They are the best!!!!! The girls are growing everyday!

Gracie will be 3 on October 14th and Carley will be 4 months on the 12th. Time sure is flying by. I only wish Dad was here to enjoy everything with us.
I took this picture 4 days before dad died. I wanted to have a picture of Carley with her Pop and I'm so thankful that I have this.

I hope all of you are doing well. I promise to update more often!

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