Friday, May 10, 2013


Well.... 4 months later I am back!!!  I have thought so many times I needed to sit down and write, but I never have the time to do it!  I was getting ready this morning and told myself I was going to take a little time and post a quick update!!!   So much has gone on since my last post.  Dad recieved the "Hall of Honor" award for the Heber Springs Chamber.  We couldn't have been more honored!  Mom accepted the award on Dads behalf at the Chamber Banquet back in Febuary.  She and I gave short speeches... talk about nervous!  Jerry Jones from the Dallas Cowboys was the guest speaker, so it was a full house!!! A slideshow was made for Dad.... I have uploaded it to YouTube and i'll post it.  I watch it weekly.   We are all missing him soo sooo much.  Sometimes the pain hits me and it makes it so hard to breathe.  What I wouldn't give to have him back.  It still just doesn't seem real.
My parents met 45 years ago today! Mom sent Caroline and I a text this morning saying, "I met your Daddy 45 years ago today.  What a glorious day!"  Isn't that the truth?!?  The way they met is amazing and like Caroline said a movie could be made out of their incredible love story!!  If you haven't heard how they met, it's mentioned on the slideshow below.
Some of you may already know, that Caroline is getting married!!!!  She and Josh (yes, his name is Josh, too!) met back in August.  It really is a sweet story.  When we knew Dad was dying, that last week he was with us, Caroline told him she wanted him to send her a man just like him!  She said pick me out a good one and send him my way! =)  Well.... what do you know.... about a month after Dad passed away, my friend Jasmin set them up on a blind date!  By September they were a "official" couple!  Caroline would mention things that Josh said or did and Mom said Dad did the same!  He is soo good to her and we couldn't be happier!  They got engaged while on vacation with his family in Canada in late Febuary.  I know Dad is smiling down.
The girls are growing sooo fast!  Carley will be a year next month!  WHAT!?!  It doesn't seem possible.  She is developoing the cutest personality and is so much fun!  Gracie is 3 1/2 going on 16!  OMG!  We are in for it with her!  She is too smart for her own good!!! 
I promise to update again soon!!  We love each and every one of you!!!!!

Here is the link for the slideshow