Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday 4/30

Dad is still not feeling well. He stayed in bed all weekend and slept the majority of the time. He tells us he feels lousy. =( Gracie and I just left from seeing him and he barely opened his eyes the entire time we were there, which is not like him at all. Gracie wanted to "play catch" with Pop.
We worry so much when he gets sick and doesn't feel well. His body is so weak. Please say a lil prayer that he is better soon.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday 4/26

I'm sorry I don't update as often as I should. There isn't really anything "new" to report on, so I am at a loss of things to post! I find myself writing a post, then realize it sounds like I'm being negative and trying to have a pity party, so I usually delete it. We did find out today that Dad has a respiratory infection and they have started him on antibiotics. He sounds hoarse and says he doesn't feel well. He has had a lot more mucus than he normally does. We worry about him chocking cause of this. Also, they have stopped therapy on him. We learned this a couple of weeks ago. His knee was hurting him tonight and Mom went to move it and he made the worse face. I know it hurt, since he's not moving it as much. We have to start working with him on that.
I went to see him today around lunch and I walked in his room to find him sitting in his wheelchair with the tv off just looking around. We worry he gets lonesome during the day when we aren't there. Today I pushed him up and down the halls. He waved to everyone we passed and said hello! =) Just like my Daddy! They had a guy singing in the dining room and we sat and listened to him for awhile. I hated leaving him, but I wasn't feeling so great myself. Gracie and I usually go visit him after I pick her up from school and Mom is up there with him every afternoon after work until he goes to sleep. (usually 9 or so) We are wanting to get the house handicap accessible so Mom can bring him home. That is our plan for late summer, lord willing.
Josh and I celebrated our 5th anniversary Saturday! We celebrated by moving!!! Lol! Sounds fun huh?! Let me say that moving, unpacking and all that jazz is NOT fun when you are 7 1/2 months preggo! I thought I was super woman and did so much yesterday that I have paid for it today! I got in bed at 7:45 tonight. That NEVER happens, but I'm so thankful Gracie allowed me to do so! =)

I learned last week that Gracie is NOT a fan of the automatic car wash!!!!! Look at that face!!!! Ha!
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday 4/20

I can't believe we are nearing the 1 year mark. Still seems like a dream and I keep hoping I'll wake up. Sunday, the 22nd, will be a year since our lives all changed. It's been a rough, weepy week. I think we all thought by this time, things would be much better and we are hurt and discouraged that they aren't. I can't help but fight back the tears when I'm sitting listening to my daddy talking to me. Half of the conversation I can understand, the other half I usually can't. He doesn't get too discouraged, but it sure breaks my heart.
However, the main reason of this post, was to inform everyone of Dads new room number. He moved to room 508 on Wednesday. Same hallway, just closer to the nurses station on the right side of the hallway instead of the left. We have all his cards and pictures hung up and one of the aides said it looked like a lil dorm room! Lol

Saw this on Facebook the other day and thought it was pretty fitting.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sat 4/14

Lil funny to start the day........ Mom went to see Dad after work yesterday. She noticed he was picking something out of his mouth, so she started looking on his hands and in his mouth and saw a few orange "speckles". She went up to the nurses station to ask if anyone had given him something to eat. Of course they said no and mom proceeded to tell them about the speckles he was picking out of his mouth. One of the aides then told Mom about a resident that carries around orange slices (the gummy candy) and stops to visit Dad often. Yesterday she stopped by to visit him on her way out to smoke (Dads room is right by the smoke door). Well mom was telling me this story and she said when they put him in bed, I'm gonna look in his chair and see if I can find the rest of it. Dad looked at her and said, "You won't, I ate it all!" We laughed and she asked him if it was good. He said, "Real good!" Soooo..... In the past couple weeks, he's enjoyed a sucker and an orange slice! Lol. I told mom we needed to talk to therapy about the fact he ate the candy and didn't have any issues after the fact!!!!!
Gracie and I are in Memphis for the weekend packing things up. We move next weekend.... moving 7 months preggo is not very fun!! At all!!!!!!!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!!

G and Pop during one of our afternoon visits last week!!!!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday 4/5

Dad's nursing home had an Easter egg hunt this afternoon. We had a good time.... Minus when Gracie saw the Easter bunny! She flipped out and started bawling and screaming. We were finally able to calm her down and she enjoyed hunting for eggs!!!! We brought Dad outside so he could watch her. She got some suckers and wanted to share them with everyone, especially Pop!!!! I think she brought him 4 different ones!!!!

Dad did sneak a few licks off the opened sucker G gave him! Lol. Can't say I blame him!!
We had to make sure and steer clear from Mr Easter Bunny the rest of the afternoon. I've never seen her like that before!!!!!! She was terrified!!!!!

Daddy helping Gracie "hunt" for eggs!
Dad's cousin, Ron and his family, sent Dad a Kindle several weeks ago. Dad was reading on it today and I snapped a few shots. He was so excited and kept saying thank you over and over!!! =) He knew I was taking pictures and started posing!

Funny guy!!!
Quick funny story...... Yesterday Josh and I went to visit Dad after lunch. We were both shocked to find him in a bright orange tshirt. We both made a comment about it, then later Josh told him he didn't think he'd ever see him wearing orange. Dad quickly informed us that he didn't pick it out and pulled the shirt up and tried to take it off! Lol!!!! We went back to visit again after we picked up Gracie from daycare and he had on a different shirt! Lol. The nurse said he probably hid it, cause it wasn't in his laundry when Mom brought it home last night!!! Ha!!! Definitely not a Tennessee Vols fan!!!!
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