Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Momma's girl....

Miss Gracie made her mommas night, last night. I had a very long, stressful day at work yesterday. I picked Gracie up and went straight home. Josh was out fishing, so Gracie and I enjoyed our evening together. I went to fix us something for dinner and she sure was getting frustrated that I wasn't paying attention to her! I kept talking to her telling her I'd be right there, but she wasn't having it!! She started getting really fussy then just yelled out "Ma Ma Ma". OHHHHH MY GOSH.... I can't tell you how excited I was! Of course I got a little teary eyed when I heard it... then I cried cause I realized she is growing up sooo fast!! It was the sweetest sound I'd ever heard! Of course she said it several more times last night, so Josh could hear her and didn't think I was making it up!!! =)

I just love this little girl to pieces!!! =)

It's official.......

We have a crawler in our house!!!

We are all sooo excited about this...Especially Gracie (as you can tell!!!)!!! =)

We all thought Gracie was going to bypass crawling and just start walking, but she fooled us all!! She started off with a few moves Thursday night and by Sunday she had it down pat!!! Josh and I spent Sunday afternoon baby proofing the living room. It now consists of toys, Gracie's chair/rocker, toys, a couch, recliner and did I mention TOYS?!?!? We took the coffee table and all the pretty decorative things and packed them away for the time being. She is trying to pull up on EVERYTHING and our coffee table drawer was making me VERY nervous. She wanted to pull on the drawer handle all the time. I knew it was an accident waiting to happen!

After I took this picture, I realized it was definitely time to lower the crib!!! My baby girl is growing sooo sooo fast!! But, we are having too much fun! Her little personality is starting to show and she is just the sweetest, cutest little thing!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Gracie hopes you have a GREAT day!!! =)

Worn out....

I walked in to check on Gracie before I went to bed the other night and this is what I saw.....

This does not look comfy...AT ALL!!! She sure was snoozing away... didn't even budge when I turned the lamp on to take this picture!!! lol Of course I moved her around some, cause I knew this would not be the best position to sleep in ALL night!!! (We have to sleep with 3 paci's...one for our mouth and one for each hand!! lol!!!)

Take ya for a ride in my big ORANGE tractor

Soooo.... I'm in the kitchen last night cooking dinner and hear some loud noise outside. I open the back door to find this.......

I guess Gracie was helping her daddy do some yard work!!! These two sure are pretty smitten with each other!!! I'm so thankful to have them both in my life!!! =)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

8 Months

Gracie Kate you are 8 MONTHS OLD!!!!! You are sooo much fun right now and soo many people love you to pieces!!! You amaze us everyday with the things you are learning!!

Here's what is going on with you these days....
  • You are still wearing a size 2 diaper and you love to wiggle while we try to change you!!
  • You are mainly wearing 6-9 month clothes. Some are too big and you can actually still wear some of your 3-6 month onesies and they aren't too tight!!! =) Your daddy says you have too many clothes, but a girl can never have too many...right!?!
  • You love playing in your swimming pool and watching the doggies. You laugh when they start to bark. This is a very good thing, considering we have 8 of them in our backyard!! Your daddy takes you out to the kennel with him sometimes... your eyes get soo big when the dogs start barking , then you just start laughing!!!! Your daddy says he is going to make a dog trainer out of you one of these days!!
  • You are on a pretty good routine. We get home around 6:30 at night. We play for while, then eat supper and take a bath. You LOVE bath time!!! After your bath you usually snuggle with your daddy while momma gets your bottle ready. We rock and drink your baba and you are usually out by 8:30 at the latest. You still like putting yourself to sleep, and this makes your mommy and daddy soo happy!!! You sleep till around 6:30 in the mornings. Sometimes I have to wake you up, so we can leave... this doesn't make you too happy!!!!
  • Thank goodness, you love the camera! We take lots and lots of pictures in our house! You always turn and look when a camera is out! I use my phone to take a lot of pictures and you ALWAYS reach for my phone! You love love love looking at the pictures on my phone!! I can't wait for the new iPhone to come out and we can do some video calling. Hopefully someone else we know will get one! (hint hint DeDe and Pop!!!)
  • You aren't crawling yet, but you get on all 4s and rock a lot. I think it will happen any day now, although you HATE being on your stomach.
  • You have started trying to pull up on things. I watched you try your hardest to pull up on the coffee table drawer hook. It is definitely time for us to start baby proofing our house. I have a feeling you are gonna take off any day now!!!
  • You are now drinking out of a sippy cup and you love it!! You love you some apple juice and sweet tea. Shame on your daddy for introducing you to this! I have to admit, I followed in his footsteps and gave you some while we were shopping last weekend. It sure kept you content!!!
  • You are drinking about 4 to 5 bottles a day. (6-7 ounces each)
  • You are staying with your GiGi a lot this summer and she is feeding you well! I picked you up the other day and she told me 3 different things you had! You definitely love you some food!!! You are eating all kinds of baby food, except for green beans. You dined on some Chicken and rice last week as well as rutabaga. ( I've never even tried this before... I have to say i'm not a fan of turnips myself, but GiGi said you LOVED it and she couldn't feed it to you fast enough!!! yuckkkk)
  • You love your "mum mums" and Gerber puffs and mommy gives you these to occupy you a lot of the time!!! Once again, you love you some food and never turn anything down.. except for green beans! lol
  • I haven't weighed you since your 6 month appointment. We must do this soon. I know you are growing!!!
  • You are always talking and gabbing!! I am pretty sure we are going to have a chatty kathy on our hands!!! You love hearing yourself!!! =)
  • You light up when you see me in the afternoons and it just melts my heart! Daddy says you do the same to him when he stops by to see you at lunch. You have grown very attached to your momma and often cry when I walk out of your sight at home. (yet you don't cry when I leave you in the mornings..... thank goodness, cause I'd cry too!!)

Gracie, you are so precious to us. Your daddy always asks what he did to deserve such a beautiful, happy baby girl. I tell him its all because he married your momma!! =) You are such a happy baby and everyone that meets you just falls in love!!! We love your sister!!! =)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weekend in the Big D

Gracie and I packed and headed to Arkansas Thursday afternoon after meeting Ladeana and Karen for lunch. We got to Benton around 5ish and ran some errands and met Jasmin and Taylor for dinner. Of course I didn't get ANY pictures!! Do you know how wild it is taking a 7 month old out to eat? You really don't get to eat, that's for sure!! =) But we had a great time and enjoyed getting to visit with the girls!!!

We stayed the night with my grandparents Thursday night and Mom and Caroline met us Friday morning and we all headed to Dallas for the weekend. My aunt is expecting her first child in July and since Gracie and I won't be able to make it back for the birth, we decided to go for her baby shower.

We had a great weekend, but boy was it HOT!!! The funny thing is, when I get around all my family, they fight over Gracie. Honestly, I never really get to see her and often have to "fight" to get her! lol! I am so glad Gracie is loved by soo many people!!! But of course, sometimes she just wants her mommy!!! =) Of course I don't have many pictures... I took some with my camera, but my cousin and sister took the majority of the pictures and I haven't stolen them from them yet!!!

Gracie all ready for her first trip to Texas!!!!

Such a happy baby.... even after being on the road for close to 5 hours!!!

Gracie and cousin Molly!!! =)

This is the tin we got for baby Jake. Of course Jamie did a wonderful job once again! These tins make the perfect baby gift and I just love giving them!! Thanks again Whimsy Tin!

Gracie decked out in her purple at the baby shower! She had soo much fun and was the life of the party! She was passed around and made so many new friends!! She really enjoyed the cake too!! =)

Dinner at Uncle Julio's Saturday night....Gracie approved!

Gracie and her Papa (my grandpa, her great grandpa), at dinner. Once again, the passing around begins!!!

G on the way home... she is still happy at this point...

Soo glad I bought a few new toys for her to play with! This kept her entertained for awhile.. We were on the road for over 8 hours on Sunday. The last 2 were not fun AT ALL...for either of us!! We sure were glad to get home and see our daddy!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Weekend

We had a nice, low key Memorial Day weekend! We have been running around these past few weekends, so I was ready for a quiet weekend at home. Gracie woke us up at 3 am Saturday morning just screaming. She's been sleeping through the night now for months, so I knew something was wrong. We rocked and had a bottle and she went back to sleep and slept until 7. I had to run by my office and take care of something real quick, so we decided to stop by the mall, since daddy was out working. Well...we made it to Children's Place and Gap before Miss Priss had a melt down. She is never a very fussy baby, so I knew something was wrong. She just screamed and screamed and shed lots of tears on our way home. I gave her some Tylenol when we got home and she took a nice little nap. However, she wasn't very happy when she woke back up. Needless to say, it was a long day AND night for both of us. I was convienced she had an ear infection on top of teething, cause she kept pulling on her right ear. The only upside to all of this, is she was soo super cuddly!!! =)
Sunday morning after getting up at 1 AM (ughhhhh) and then again at 7, I decided we were going to the Dr. Of course as soon as we walk in the Dr's office Gracie just starts talking away and squealing with delight!! Here are all these other parents with their sick little kids that actually look like they feel bad and G is just having the best time smiling at everyone!! HAHAHA!!!

I know she doesn't look sick AT ALL in this picture.... but I promise... this is a totally different baby than the one I put in the car less than an hour before!! =)
Sooooo...we see the Dr and find out our ears are perfectly fine, but we do have a red throat and have some major teething going on. Luckily, she was good to go as soon as we left and in the best mood the rest of the day!! We lounged by the pool and had the best afternoon!!!

Monday, of course, we had to have our weekly dress up pictures for the grandparents (and aunts, great grandparents, cousins, etc etc... I get in trouble if I don't send these!!! lol).

Wanna Popsicle????

Fun in the Sun

Boy does this girl LOVE the water...actually just being outside in general!! She enjoyed lots of pool time with Mrs Courtney last week and of course catching some rays!! Don't worry..... shes lathered up 4 times a day with SPF 70 sunscreen and sports her cute lil hat and sunglasses to shade her!!!
Here are some pictures of her pool time with Courtney. She sent me one picture of Gracie sitting in the chair with her shades eating wheat thins!! hahaha!!!

We were able to enjoy some pool time with Gracie this weekend, as well!! Although the sun seemed to fade away as soon as we got to the pool! Good for Gracie, but not good for this momma that needs some color!!!!

She was determined to get that ball..... no matter how far away it was!!!

This is the life, huh?!?! She was soo worn out, we gave a bottle and she conked out!!! She floated around the pool sleeping for a little over an hour!!! (Don't worry... daddy was with her!!)

Ahhhh, today would be a PERFECT day to be lounging on a raft with a good book!!!!