Sunday, December 7, 2008

Turkey Day.....

I know i'm alittle behind on blogs!! Our new internet connection is really slow at times!! We had a great Thanksgiving. We left Tuesday afternoon and went to Benton and stayed the night with Zach and Jasmin in their new house!! (thanks again guys for having us) Josh got to do some Deer hunting with my grandpa and cousins on Wednesday. All the family got together at my grandparents Thursday for lunch. Of course we ate way too much, but it was soo good to see everyone! I don't get to see my family as much and i'd like, so I was really glad I got to enjoy a few days with them!!

We are finally settled in the house! I will post some pictures soon!! Josh mounted our tv last night and we did a little touching up on the painting. I wasn't paying attention and spilt paint on the carpet and on the side of our new comforter! :*( I am hoping to find something that will take it out! Just my luck!! ahhhh

My parents and sister are coming this weekend to stay with us and i'm really excited to see them!! Mom, Caroline and I are going to fight the crowds and do some Christmas shopping!! Sad, but I haven't even started my shopping yet! Hopefully it won't be too bad!!

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!

Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving!

My cousin Molly, me, my cousin Taylor and my sister Caroline.

some of the gang with my Papa aka Turkey! :)