Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday 3/27

Two updates in two days..... Watch out!!!!!!! Dad has had ok days the past two days. He complains of being dizzy almost daily. He says he feels drunk at times.....I told him I'm going to start checking his room for empty bottles! =)
Mom hasn't been feeling very well for the past week. She lost her voice last week and got a steroid shot on Friday. This helped for a day, but she began feeling worse. Woke up with a "pink" eye and just crummy feeling this morn. She Went to the dr after lunch and he said eye infection and walking pneumonia. I ordered her to bed this afternoon, so hopefully some rest and getting meds in her will help. It's always something, huh?!?
I told Mom we have to start taking time out of our crazy busy schedules for "us" time. Easier said than done the majority of the time. However, I did treat myself to a mani/pedi this afternoon. It's ok that I had just gotten one two weeks ago... right?!? I'm sticking with yes!!!! =) I'm LOVING my new job and the gals I work with. I am sooooo excited about this wonderful opportunity I was presented with. More importantly, I'm soo happy to be back in Heber with my parents. I hate the situation that brought my family here, but I'm so excited about raising our kids here! Never thought I'd say that! My how things change!!!!
Gracie and I are headed to NLR for a Drs appt tomorrow, so off to bed I go. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!

Love this lil sweetie! =)
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday 3/25

We enjoyed a pretty day outside with Dad yesterday. Gracie has warmed up and is more comfortable about going to see Pop. Actually, when we pull in she screams, "Pops house!!!" =)
She wanted to take pics of Mommy and Pop yesterday.... She took the two on the right.

I thought it was soo sweet... She grabbed Dads hand and told me to take a "cheese" with Pop!
They started Dad on antibiotics Friday. His mucus is discolored and he has been coughing more. He kept telling them he didn't feel good. He seemed to feel ok on Saturday.
Dad has enjoyed his visitors. 2 of his college/ best buddies, Don, John and their wives came to visit Monday. They enjoyed a nice visit outside. Yesterday Dads cousin Ron and his wife and son stopped by for a visit yesterday. He also sent dad his Red Wolves hat (Howl yes!! Lol) a few weeks ago along with a Kindle. I finally got everything set up today and I'm going to take it up for him to read tomorrow.
We thank you all for keeping up with us. Especially for all the cards. They really do mean a lot to all of us.
I'm sorry for the lack of updates.... I start my new job tomorrow (YAY!!!!) and I will be able to devote more time to keeping the blog updated.
Gracie is soo proud of this picture. She has been pulling it up on my phone and showing everyone she's "holding hands with Pop!"

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday 3/12

I think this is the year of sickness for us!!! We are never sick..... This year we have seemed to have caught everything that is going around. I got sick Thursday night with what I thought was food poisoning. Ended up spending sat night in the ER. Mom woke up this morning sick and hasn't left her bed all day. What luck! Dad has his "big" Dr appointment at UAMS on Wednesday. I am hoping she is feeling better by then. We are anxious about his appt. We have to be at the hospital by 8 Wednesday morning and should be there for the majority of the day. We are hopeful all goes well with Dad and he handles the day ok.
Caroline is home for spring break this week..... Gracie is one happy little girl!
Well, this is a short and sweet post.... I got 3 hours of sleep last night, so g and I are hitting the hay!!!!!

Coloring in Pops room!!!! =)
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