Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

I have no excuse for the lack of blogging, except I have been enjoying my time with my sweet baby girl! I get home from work at night, and just have no desire to sit in front of a computer anymore!!! =) Hopefully things will slow down some this fall. It seems like we are always on the go. We have something planned every weekend in October. How sad is that?!?!

Thanks Sarah and Matthew for my cute new outfit! I got so many compliments!
Miss Gracie has a birthday coming up in two weeks! I just can't believe it!! We are having her birthday party next Saturday, because my 10 year High School reunion is the weekend of her birthday. How is it I have been out of school for 10 years? I can't be THAT old!!!! I was talking to my sister the other day and she was telling me two of her friends were trying to set her up on a date with some guy they met. The only problem ,Anna Kathryn, is he is 29.... that is sooo old! I quickly called her a nasty name and reminded her that I would be 29 in less than 2 months, thank you very much!

Back to more important things... Gracie is learning something new everyday. I tell her hi or bye and she always waves! lol I walked in the living room the other morning and she was sitting in her high chair eating her breakfast in front of the TV (shame on daddy, I know! lol) and she looked up and saw me and waved! HA!

Morning sunshine!

She is loving her new babysitter. She says she keeps up with the big boys and girls and they wear her out. She sure has been sleeping well every night! Josh said when he picks her up, the kids yell, "Bye Gracie" ohhh tooo cute!!! =) We aren't walking yet, but she sure does love pushing anything around. It started out walking behind her push toys, but know she loves pushing the trash can across the kitchen. Lets hope she never tips it over!

We still just have 3 teeth, that we can see...all on the bottom. This doesn't stop her from eating! She loves her some cheese ball puffs!!!!

Seriously... this little girl is too cute! I told my sister this morning that Gracie has cuter clothes than me! I think I spend more time picking out her outfits than I do my own. I have a problem, huh?!!? I never dreamed I'd have this much fun with a little girl. I always thought I'd be a better boy mom!!! WRONG! My lil diva is just too much fun!!!!
Hope everyone has a great week! We are looking forward to a fun weekend with DeDe and Auntsy!!! =)