Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2 weeks old!

I can't believe my baby girl is 2 weeks today!!! These past two weeks have flown by! Last night Josh and I were talking and I said a week ago tonight we were on our way to the hospital. I had to stop myself and think for a second. That was 2 weeks ago! lol!!!

Miss Gracie is napping now, so I haven't gotten to take her "2 week" photos yet, so I will have to post those later! We take pictures daily, so i'll always have pictures to share!! :)

Mom came to stay with us this weekend while Josh went to a hunt test in Jonesboro. Gracie gave her Gammie the biggest smile before she left on Sunday! Of course Mom just melted! She has started smiling at us more. It is the sweetest thing ever!! She smiled so big at Josh last night. She is such a happy baby and is soo alert when she is awake. She just looks around and is so content. However, she does not enjoy having her diaper or clothes changed!!! We are going to have to work on this, cause she has lots of clothes she has to wear!! :)

Josh's mom and sister also came to visit us this weekend. This was Elizabeth's first time to meet Gracie. Of course I didn't take any pictures, but Gracie sure enjoyed all the attention from her Aunt and Grandma!!!

Here are some pictures of our baby girl taken the past couple of days!!!
Ohh... here is the link to her hospital pics... I didn't realize I didn't post it last time... username is mo5531 password is gracie

Posin' for mom!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

She's here!!!!!!

I know I'm a week behind on this post, but it has been pretty busy around here!! Gracie Kate Morgan was born last Wednesday, October 14th at 6:31 pm by c section. She was 8 lbs 13 oz and 21 inches. Of course we are all in love and she has stolen our hearts!! I can't believe its been a week already!! We are all doing fine....just adjusting! Like I tell Gracie each day, we are learning together!! :)

Looking back, I have to say the whole labor process wasn't too bad (once I had my epidural!). For me it was more of the "fear of unknown" that scared me and it was just a long long day! I didn't know what to be prepared for. After hours of no progress (I was dilated 8 and 100 effaced and she still wasn't engaged at noon and there was no change in progress from then until 5 pm).
I asked my Dr the options of a c section. Gracie's heart rate had dropped a few times during the day and since I wasn't progressing, she said we could do one if I wanted. Of course I jumped on it cause I was just exhausted and ready to meet our little girl.

Since I delivered so late in the day Wednesday and I had lost alot of blood during delivery, we had to stay until Saturday. Boy were we glad to get home!! Now we are just working on getting our days and nights figured out! She is such a good baby and so alert when she is awake. We don't have much crying unless we are changing a diaper or shes hungry and I don't get to her fast enough! lol!!

This post is going to be short and sweet. She is napping and I should be as well!! :) Here are some pictures of our little girl!! :)

Our first family photo!

He doesn't look like a proud daddy at all, does he?????

Gracie and Aunt Caroline

Gracie with her Pop and Gammie (at least that's what moms name is THIS week! haha)

Here are some of her hospital pictures. I thought they turned out really well. She was NOT happy when they came in to take them. Luckily we got some good shots though. Shes already a natural in front of the camera!! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Almost time....

I can't believe Gracie will be here in 24 hours!! I have been busy picking up around the house today. It started raining about an hour or two ago. I told Josh that Gracie had good timing, cause he can't work in the rain anyway! haha!!
Josh's birthday was Sunday, so I have to wish him a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! When we found out we were pregnant and our due date, he kept saying how neat it would be if she was born on his birthday. Of course she wasn't born on his birthday, but she will be just a few days after!!! Sunday we went to dinner Lawrence and Ladeana at Texas de Brazil to celebrate. I didn't eat all day, cause I wanted to save my appetite for dinner! What a good choice I made! I paced myself and was able to eat more than I thought I would! After dinner, we went down the street to a Cheesecake cafe and OMG!!! It was sooooooo good! This place makes tons of different cheesecakes daily. I let Josh choose, cause there were soo many I thought sounded good. He went with the Chocolate Almond Coconut cheesecake and boy was it yummy!! I brought one of their menus home and told Josh we will be ordering from them soon!! Ahhhhh!!!!!
Mom and Dad are on their way to town now for the big festivities tomorrow!! We can't wait!! I will post again soon!!! :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

39 weeks

I had to do my last weekly post!! I am now 39 weeks and Gracie is around the size of this mini watermelon! CRAZY!!!

We did an ultrasound 2 weeks ago and they estimated her weighing 7lbs 11oz then. My dr said to expect her to atleast be 7 1/2 lbs. Of course when we started the ultrasound, we saw her cute little lips and nose. Within seconds of starting, she threw her hand up over her face and kept it there for the remainder of the time. Little stinker! It was like she was saying, "No pictures, please." She just wants to keep us in suspense!!!

I have my last drs appointment tomorrow afternoon and then we are to be at the hospital at 8pm Tuesday night. My dr said they would start the pitocin around 5:30 Wednesday morning and we'll go from there. Please keep our little family in your thoughts and prayers! Of course Mom and Dad are coming in Tuesday night and plan to join us at the hospital bright and early Wednesday morning. Aunt Caroline has some classes on Wednesday, so she is going to play it by ear when she joins us, but she has said she is not going to miss out on Gracie's arrival! Lets hope she doesn't keep us waiting all day Wednesday!! :)

Hopefully I will be able to update and post some pictures pretty soon after she is here. I haven't done it yet, but I know I can do posts from my iphone, so we'll see!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! :)


Well... the nursery is FINALLY complete!! Mom and I finished things up on it a few weeks ago, but of course i've been adding little things and changing things around here and there. We are finally ready to bring our baby girl home! Less than a week! I am sooo excited, anxious and nervous all at the same time!!!!

Here are some pictures of Gracie's room. I am pretty pleased with how it all turned out!!!

These letters match her bedding perfectly!!! I had them made by a mutual friend in Jonesboro. She has a blogspot and makes some super cute letters and bow holders...

Mom and Dad got this Glider and ottoman for us. It is sooo comfy. Josh makes fun of me cause I come sit in here and look at all her stuff atleast once a day!! :)

She is going to need a bigger closet pretty soon! Her daddy says she has enough clothes and doesn't need anymore! What does he know!?!?!

My friend Sarah had this canvas made for me...well for Gracie. :) I LOVE it! It matches her decor perfectly!! :)

Our friends Zach and Jasmin had this tub made for us. I absolutely LOVE it!! Once again it matches her room perfectly! Jasmin filled it with soo many goodies! I was hesitant to take it all out to look thru it cause it was arranged soo pretty!

Now we are just playing the waiting game! Josh and I were talking this morning and I told him this time next week our baby girl would be here!! I can't believe it's finally time... but we are sooo ready to meet her!!!

Baby Showers.....

I figured I should play catch up with some posts today! I have been slacking, but I guess I have a pretty good excuse!! :)

The sweet girls in my department at work threw me the sweetest baby shower about a month ago. They put sooo much work into it and I had soo much fun!!! Gracie and I racked up on some good stuff!!! Here are just a few pictures from the wonderful event!! :)

One of my coworkers, Linda, made this.... is it not the cutest!!!

Another one of my coworkers, Angel, made this... once again... tooo cute!!!

Look at all that loot!!! :)

aww... I can't wait for Gracie to wear this one!!

The aftermath!! :)

A few weekends ago, our friends Lawrence and Ladeana had a couples shower for us at their house. Once again we had a great time and got lots of wonderful gifts. Mom and Dad came in town to go with us. Of course this shower was the night of the Arkansas/Alabama game. Dad was soo worried about missing the game. I kept reminding him they would have the TV on for him. Of course that was a sorry game and after half time he didn't have any desire to watch any more of it! haha

I haven't uploaded the pictures from my camera from the shower yet... soo here are some pictures my friend Karen sent me. Of course Ladeana outdid her self with all the yummy food. I am getting hungry just thinking about it all!! :)

More loot!! :)

ahhhh... I don't get in front of the camera much anymore!! lol

Josh and I are soo lucky to have such wonderful friends and family! Miss Gracie is loved by soo many already, and shes not even here yet! I just can't thank everyone enough for everything!!!